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Divorces, the Italian infidels are caught on WhatsApp

The service most frequently mentioned in the separation procedures is the famous messaging app


Other than "Heaven, my husband!": What is most often cited as proof in the Italian divorce procedures are the messages on WhatsApp (almost half of the cases in the last year).

They win on emails, calls at night, even on the marks left on them (see the classic lipstick on the shirt), receipts, agendas: to let the Italian Matrimonial Lawyers Association know. "Nobody is saying that WhatsApp is the cause of the divorces – comments Gian Ettore Gassani, president of the Ami – clear that the cause is infidelity, but equally clear that the service in question is the fastest way to discover it".

There are many messaging services that facilitate exchanges between lovers: fast, fairly discreet. But the stumble around the corner. The typical scenario, explained Gassani, is still the one for which you go to take a shower, leaving the cell phone out of sight in sight. The message arrives, and the partner, intrigued (or more likely suspicious), checks.

Men seem to have a greater ease in being caught, women less. Also because, he continues in Gassani's phenomenology, "men tend to keep the photos and then go and see them again, while women look and erase immediately". If you have to do it, at least you do well.


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