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Dating, love travels on your smartphone

Forget high heels, cancel the appointment with the barber: today love travels on dating apps, and goes through algorithms, photos and geolocation

How many have a smartphone in your bag, in your pocket, on your desk right now? We are all used to using them at all hours and in the most varied places and, probably, we could no longer do without them. By the way: if you are thinking of giving yourself a brand new smartphone for Christmas, you can take advantage of the all-inclusive rates with mobile phones provided by all the major telephone operators. To immediately discover the best opportunities on the market, the supermoney.euraccoglieproposte portal and captivating opportunities for all letasche.

But back to dating. We live in a hectic and interconnected society made up of metro journeys, traffic and a few weekends to enjoy chatting with friends and having a beer in the center. And this is why many of us use smartphones and Internet connections to build relationships and keep in touch with friends and colleagues. A recent study by the University of Bonn has shown that a significant number of users also spend 6 hours a day in the company of their smartphone. It may happen that time gets out of hand and the secretary of your boss with whom you leave after work has just given you a resonant two of spades. There is no time to woo or even to pick up, that's the secret of the dating app boom: love within your smartphone.


The latest arrival Clover, the application ensures that finding love will be as simple as ordering a pizza thanks to the fortunate mix of algorithms, attractive graphics, ease of use and radar for geolocation. All in all they seem to have gone mad for the amazing features of this app. Clover launched the iOS version in April 2014 and currently has 150,000 active users, the majority (60%) in the United States, and the rest between Canada and the United Kingdom. Pointing out the most propitious cities for you short and long term appointments, friendships and relationships Clover really looks like the cutting edge of online dating. Spopoler also in Italy? In America there is great trepidation for the new function for appointments on demand: users can set when and where they will be available for meetings, the application will give them suggestions of other singles who have expressed interest in them and reported the same availability.


Waiting to see Clover depopulated in Italy, we see the most popular and lucky dating apps here. You all know Tinder? free app that combines philosophy no time, no flirting to the simplicity of use: simply connect a Facebook account, after which you will begin to approve or discard potential partners without scruples and at a great speed. The advantages? No one will know that you were referred to as interesting, unless you do the same with your profile. More than a dating app here we could talk about speed-date.

Too easy? The colossus Meetic has launched its dating app, a few clicks and some personal information to fix the shot and the game done. A few photos and a short profile will allow you to choose and be chosen by numerous singles for a few miles. Dating apps use similar features Lovoo, MeetMe is OkCupid, of which we were struck by the particular system capable of crossing data, revealing affinities and potential lucky relationships.

It also deserves to be mentioned Skout, if only for the large number of users it hosts and for the fun function Shake and chat, in this case baster shake the smartphone to chat with a random stranger.

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<p>Now we come to thematic dating apps, there are something for everyone. To shorten the distances and break down the tabs they think <strong>Brenda</strong> (dedicated to lesbian women) e <strong>Grindr</strong> (reserved for gay men). But it does not end there, we recommend downloading to the more adventurous <strong>Down</strong>, particularly beloved in the Belpaese: the company of Bang with Friends reveals that Italians make matches between them much more frequently than the rest of the world. Lapp allows you to <strong>propose hot meetings to friends</strong> (and friends of friends) of Facebook.</p>
<p>To conclude, let us remember <strong>Single AroundMe</strong>, whose peculiarity enclosed in the name itself e <strong>Adopt a boy</strong>?The concept behind this simple app: <em>the client, in this case, queen.</em> Perfect for daring women and men who love to be on display: today it has six million members.</p>
<p><em>Photocredit of the cover image: Paolo Tonato.</em></p>
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