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CoPilot, the offline browser also on Amazon

The Alk application gives you access to integrated maps and points of interest even without a connection

(Photo: CoPilot)(Photo: CoPilot)

To avoid getting lost when the smartphone navigator starts not to give signs of life because there is no connection, Alk has also made available on the Amazon App Store CoPilot Gps,its free navigation software.

Also downloadable for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, it can now be installed on Fire Phone and Amazon tablet. CoPilotGps allows users to fully access, even when they are offline, a all road maps and indications on points of interest along the way.

In this way you always have the tools to plan your trip and the possibility to choose up to three alternative routes proposed to reach the destination.

There is also a Premium version of CoPilot (but not on the Amazon Store) whichworks like a real browser, adding to the basic functions also voice commands, 3D maps and real-time traffic updates.


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