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Around the world with Motorola and iTunes

Less than "66 days" will be passed next Wednesday.

The event on 7 September will presumably serve to launch Motorola's long-discussed mobile phone with iTunes music support.

We do not yet know if the E398 / E790 model (or how it will be christened, maybe ROKR) will be the focus of the joint announcements from Apple and Motorola or it will be the "outline" to the main course of a renewed range of iPods, perhaps a shuffle from 4 GB, maybe an iPod mini with color screen, maybe an iPod that supports video, maybe iTunes that sells music as well as video clips … there are many rumors.

Music for Apple will certainly be the main topic, it is only a matter of waiting a few more days and we will know which products and with what means we can listen to it and buy in addition to the already known systems.

Apple has organized for the press the main event in San Francisco in the halls of Moscone West, at 9 am local time will go up on stage a Steve Jobs without doubt in black t-shirt and jeans but in his pocket will bring the product or new products to be announced.

At the same time in London, on the northern outskirts of the British capital, in a venue that hosts many musical events, dance, theater, culture, shows and trendy art exhibitions, the artsdepot, Apple invited the European media. With present the continental managers, the satellite connection from San Francisco repeats the presentation of Steve Jobs, easy to imagine that at the end you can touch the news in hand.

While for the US market now Cingular Wireless is thought of as the mobile phone partner for Motorola's new phone with iTunes, for Europe and in particular for Italy it is very difficult to identify a real partner … of course it still remains among the probabilities the virtual choice of Apple Mobile.

Meanwhile, it was also learned that on the other coast of the USA, in New York, Motorola has scheduled for the evening a meeting reserved for the operators of the sector at the local Webster Hall, a very large night club / concert hall / fashion showroom at 125 East of 11th Street.

Apple has not yet announced if there will be a live streaming of the San Francisco event but previous experiences suggest that this will not happen.

The reference point for everyone, however, MacityNet, punctually all our updates and, as soon as possible, photos of new products will arrive on our pages, be they mobile phones, iPods or anything else Apple will propose to you less than a month from now. 'AppleExpo.

Our envoys already have their bags in hand.