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Apple registers the "made for iPod" brand

Apple has been certified by the US patent office for the name "made for iPod" (made for the iPod) for two weeks.

It announces a tightening of lives on the many Internet sites that inappropriately make use of the name iPod but also intervenes on the "original" accessories produced for the music player of Apple by third companies.

Accessories manufacturers have long been unleashed in providing the iPod with a long series of solutions, often these have been welcomed by Apple, in other cases the collaboration has not been the insufficient result for Cupertino or for qualitative reasons or because they modified the functionality decided by the parent company.

A brand long associated with the best products for the iPod, "made for iPod", now becomes official and on the Apple site it applies to all the accessories "approved" by the parent company if they can boast.

This trademark may be used by third parties on hardware products, software and services approved by Apple, as the document registered with the serial number 78689534 says: ?a complete line of mechanical, electronic and software accessories for portable digital objects to record, organize, transmit, manipulate and read texts, data, audio, images and videos ?.

Completing the definition with a long series of hardware examples, we mention the docks, the supports, the battery chargers, the battery packs, the connectors, the adapters, the distance controls with or without wires, earphones or headphones, amplifiers and speakers, adapters for cars, radio receivers and transmitters, image viewers, memory card readers and even image scanners.