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Apple music for Microsoft

diciembre 2, 2019

Apple Music for Microsoft –

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Microsoft's shopping continues in search of companies that present proprietary technologies and market objectives of some interest for Redmond's strategies. The latest acquisition was for Mongo Music, an index of songs and music that combines a sophisticated search engine with a preview and marketing system. The interest of Microsoft (which did not confirm the operation) for Mongo Music would also have been stimulated by the presence on the site staff of some real "thinking heads" of the music software including Ted Tanner responsible for years in the Apple audio industry. Tanner, who held the position of Audio and Signal Processing Architect in Cupertino, passed with his other four colleagues to Mongo Music just a few months ago, effectively eliminating the Cupertino sector and causing serious difficulties for Apple. This group, among other projects, must be given credit for the implementation of the iMac audio system that can automatically recognize the connection of the Harman Kardon subwoofer and send it lower frequencies while the higher ones are reproduced through the two front speakers. In Mongo Music Tanner has developed a software able to "match" the songs for rhythmic and genre affinities. Tanner and the staff once at work for Apple would be one of the added values ​​that led Microsoft to take over the small California company. Their skills could indeed be very useful for the multimedia strategies of Windows producers, including the implementation of musical e-commerce services on MSN. Mongo Music had reached agreements for the transmission and sale of music with companies like Sony and Tower Records, agreements that after the acquisition remain in limbo. Some observers of the sector believe, in any case, that Microsoft's move for the difficult online music sector is very positive. Indeed, it would be a sort of "customs clearance" for those who work in this area, often considered to be at the limit of legality. In addition to this, Microsoft's interest in online music could convince investors that, unlike what is thought in some sectors of Wall Street, there is room for profit growth and new investments in online music.

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