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Apple: Mactorola but also an iPod nano

The beginning of the conference scheduled at 7 pm Italian time (6 pm for London) but already from 18 Italian we will hear our correspondent to know how the hall is set up and whether there are any news from his afternoon tour in London shops.

6.00 pm Our correspondent is coming with the bus made available by the organization at the conference venue.

In the afternoon he toured at London's Apple stores, including the huge Regent Street store, noting the great availability of iPods of any kind and the absence of hidden signs or empty spaces to set up. If the surprise is there, it will also be for shop attendants as usual in Apple.

Few rumors filtered in the last few hours and all about possible agreements with Apple operators in the field of cellular telephony to manage iTunes services even with telephone devices.

6.10 pm The entrance to the Art Depot has no signs or special indications. In 5 minutes we'll be in the inner room …

18.20 hours We are waiting to enter … we meet Enzo Biagini and other executives of Apple Italy, Vladimiro Mazzotti of E-motion … surely the news will not only concern the Motorola with iTunes …

6.40 pm Pending the beginning of the conference we have included an article in the Macity home with the latest rumors available on the net, to be honest, somewhat confused …

6.50pm The AppleStores are all inactive. Definitely new hardware coming

7.00 pm We are inside SalaSteve Jobs appears on the big screen in satellite broadcasting from the Moscone Center in San Francisco "Apple at the head of the digital music revolution, but the substance is all in music" and introduces the winner of 16 Grammy Award cellist Yo-Yo-Ma … (this is a contracted artist Sony Classical)

Apple has sold over half a billion songs on the iTunes Music Store to date: songs are sold at a rate of 1.8 million per day and the market share of 82% in the US and 80% of legal music downloads in UK.The iTunes stores are present in 20 countries which account for 85% of the global music market.

After the launch of the Podcast option, 15,000 of these are available in the iTunes directory: a phenomenon that is exploding.

ITMS has more than 2 million songs in its catalog, the largest catalog available in the world. But how many customers (or accounts) do you have? 10 Million accounts that use a credit card and have purchased 60 songs on average each. With 10 million customers, iTMS is one of the largest internet stores in the world.

Jobs announces the audiobooks with Harry Potter books and a special iPod with the engraving from the Hogwarts school.

Then he connects with London via iChat AV with Madonna complaining that he can personally download his pieces on iTMS … Jobs announces that all his 15 CDs are now available for download on iTMS for both album and single piece.

7.20 pm iTunes 5 is announced, available for Mac and Windows, available today for free with a refined look interface. – You can manage playlists in folders. – Windows users can synchronize contacts and calendars on iPod available on OutLokk also in the Express version – An "intelligent shuffle" feature is introduced, which allows you to select the preferences of a single artist or album by giving it a prevalence over a random list of songs – A special control reserved for parents to restrict access to minors to avoid the purchase of tracks prohibited to minors (!)

19.30Jobs presents the Motorola phone: ROKRPlease manage music, audiobooks and podcasts, and the music automatically pauses when you receive a phone call. The songs can be transferred via a USB cable.ROKR can only contain 100 songs: it was conceived as a iPod shuffle inside your phone. You can fill both with the autofill feature, they have the shuffle function and they don't have a clickable wheel. But the motorola has a screen … and it's only half of the announcement: to this we must add the first US wireless phone provider, Cingular, who will be the exclusive provider of this phone in the United States. Jobs presents a Cingular executive who explains how the integration between telephony and music is the future of communication.

ROKR will be available in England with a number of operators including 02, Orange, Virgin, BT Mobile at the end of September

But here is the long-awaited announcement … while all the competitors look at the iPod mini as the object to be copied Apple still carries on and .. announces the ipod Nano! With half the thickness and 62% less in volumeUse a 30-pin dock to be compatible with other iPod accessories. It has new features such as a stopwatch, a graphic clock and a screen lock that can be activated in combination with the wheel. Available immediately in two configurations: one from 2GB to 199 US dollars and one of 4 GB to 249 US dollars with a series of accessories and supports called "nanotubes" in pink, purple, blue, green colors sold in groups of 5 to 29 Dollars. It has a color screen and allows you to review photos synchronized with iPhoto or Adobe software for PC. It has a clickable wheel, available in black and white but can be customized with colored nanotubes.

The event ends with the performance of an artist Rhytm?n'Blues who thanks Jobs for his appearance on stage and for making life easier for him … it was all different when using tapes …