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Apple-Intel, completed the acquisition of the smartphone modem division

Update 02/12

Intel reports that the acquisition has been completed. For the sake of completeness we remind you that a few days ago, the chipmaker had spoken rather heavy words against Qualcomm, defining it as the main cause of his exit from the sector. For Apple, in any case, it means "go-ahead" to start designing your own modem.

Original article – 07/25

Apple has announced that it has finalized an agreement with Intel for the acquisition of the majority of its smartphone modem division. At Apple, about 2,200 Intel employees will converge and Apple will receive intellectual property, equipment, and related leasing contracts. The value of this acquisition is $ 1 billion. This is the second largest acquisition by Apple after Beats.

To Apple, therefore, over 17,000 patents will go focus on wireless technology ranging from "protocols for cellular standards to architecture and modem operation". Apple says Intel will continue to develop modems for non-smartphone applications such as PCs, Internet-of-things devices and autonomous vehicles.