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Android download manager: the best solutions

Mobile devices such as smartphones are certainly not the best tools to download files as they do on a computer. The risk on mobile devices has continuous interruptions, especially if the internet connection is not stable. But sometimes it is enough to find the right solution and this operation becomes simple even on a smartphone. For example, if you use a service of Android download management such as app Loader Droiddownload, the download process on Android mobile devices becomes much easier.

Android download manager: Loader Droid

After installingLoader DroiddownloadI suggest you install the application LD Ultimate Link Interceptor. This app is an extension ofLoader Droidcreated by the same developer and manages to intercept download links in order to start the automatic download withLoader Droidinstead of the system browser.

Android download manager

Loader Droidit can pause and resume downloads of any file, even if there are interruptions to the internet connection. After downloading to Android mobile devices, files can be automatically sorted into specific folders based on the type of file (for example, you can store images in one folder, videos in another). Unfortunately, embedded downloads cannot be intercepted within an app, like a playlist Spotify. The application works with anything you can acquire through the regular function Download or via the menu Share.

Android droid download manager

The main features

  • Resume of the download after an interruption (download continues from the same point where it was interrupted).
  • Automatic pause of the download following a loss of connection.
  • Automatic download resumption when the device is connected to the internet again.
  • Interception of download links from other applications (for example from Browser).
  • You can specify whether to download files only when connected to a Wi-Fi network or even to the cellular data network.
  • Supports downloading by splitting the file into several parts, speeding up downloading 3 times.
  • Stable, fast and easy to use.

How to start downloading a file

  1. First, make sure you have both installedLoader Droid that LD last link Interceptor.
  2. Now just click on a download link in the Android browser. When a screen appears in which you have to choose which app to complete the process with, selectLoaderDroid from the list of applications.

You can also decide to manually open a download link within the app:

  1. You openLoader Droidand select the button + placed at the top right.
  2. Insert the link that refers to the download of a file of your interest and ends the operation by following the on-screen instructions.

An app will appear on the app's main screenlist of files indownloads or already downloaded (also divided by type), and can perform an efficient Android Download Manager, moving them between the various folders of the device or renaming them.