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All apps that support the project (RED)

Apple devolver to (RED) part of the proceeds from the sale of its products and the 25 special apps for World Aids Day

(Photo: (RED))(Photo: (RED))

As every year, even this 1 December is celebrated worldwide for World AIDS Day. Apple has decided to help spread awareness about the disease, but above all to fight it by supporting (RED), the charity founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, which since 2006 has been committed to fighting HIV.

To do so, Tim Cook announced that his company will donate part of the collection obtained from sales made on the date November 28th and December 1st in the Apple Store around the Planet (and the web). Furthermore, they are already available in the App Store 25 applications, from games to cookbooks, with new contents: the entire proceeds of the downloads will be delivered directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. According to the CEO of Apple, it would be the most important fundraising campaign ever carried out in Cupertino.

The apps that support the AIDS campaign can be found in the section Apps for (RED) of the App Store.


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