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91 Locker for Android: customize the lock screen

The lock screen on Android has undergone many changes over the years. While we like the lock screen that Google offers on standard Android, it has no customization options. Well, here the third-party lock screen apps come into play. Well, one of these fantastic 91 Locker apps.

The app is available for free on the Play Store and lets you create your own lock screen. It looks fantastic? Well, let's get into the app details.

Main features

Before arriving at the user interface and using the 91 Locker app, let's talk about its main features:

  • DIY lock screen templates

91 Locker offers a number of fantastic lock screen templates that you can use to create your custom lock screen. you can customize the models using photos of your friends and family. In fact, you can use any custom image.

If you're bored of the same block style on the Android lock screen, you'll appreciate what 91 Locker has to offer. The app offers exclusive designs, which you can also customize with photos. There are different types of blocks, such as passwords, templates, photo passwords, etc. And you can customize them all.

The lock screen app also offers a fantastic gallery of backgrounds, which encompasses a number of high quality screen lock backgrounds, which should do justice to the Android smartphone display. The wallpapers are available in different categories such as Beauty and Fashion, Nature, Cars, Animals, Sky etc.

User interface

As for the user interface of the 91 Locker app, we like it a lot. The app has three tabs at the bottom of Template, Wallpaper and Passcode. These cards therefore present individual cards for various categories and sections. In addition, the app features a burger menu, which lets you switch to app settings, provide feedback, get help, and more. The app is easy to navigate and looks modern.

We especially like the fact that you can jump to different sections with a single touch. Furthermore, the user interface on the various pages like Template, Wallpaper etc. really shows the various features in the app really well. Speaking of the lock screen UI, simple and clean, which is something we really appreciate when it comes to blocking screens on Android.

Ease of use

When you first install the 91 Locker app on Android, the app guides you on how to use the various features like the shortcuts on the lock screen, the templates etc. And this really is a nice touch. Overall, the app is easy to use and we really like the services offered by the app .

The quick lock screen to unlock and the various lock screen gestures work like a spell. Also, using templates is a breeze, as it lets you get an overview of the images you add, to make sure everything is perfect. The only thing that many people would not like is the inclusion of app tips in the tools link on the lock screen. Another thing we lack the ability to launch apps from the lock screen.

To summarize things, if you've had bad experiences in the past when it comes to lock screen apps, 91 Locker will surprise you with its performance and user experience.


  • Fluid performance
  • Fantastic customization features
  • Practical additional tools


  • App Recommendations
  • No shortcut to the app from the lock screen

91 Locker: Beautiful Lock Screen with Swift Performance

We were rather skeptical when we started using the 91 Locker app, as not all the lock screen apps are good enough. Fortunately, 91 Locker is a great offer and, with its customization options, the app offers smooth, truly impressive performance. Well, those were our thoughts on the 91 Locker app, but we'd love to hear from you. So, eliminate your thoughts on 91 Locker in the comments section below.

Install 91 Locker for Android (free)