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128-bit AirPort.

diciembre 2, 2019

128-bit AirPort. –

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We cannot be certain about the date of homologation of Airport also in Italy (although some rumors claim that it is now very close), but we know that the encryption of data traveling by air at present at 56-bit, is possible with the simple replacing an internal component, turning it into a more secure 128-bit key.

The process is illustrated on the website of Michael Shields, the AirPort Base is opened, the Lucent "Silver" board is extracted (heart of the IEEE 802.11 system) and the Lucent "Gold" is inserted, that's it.

High level security also for radio transmissions of this standard, initially proposed by Apple (which has always been innovating in the IT world) and which is about to land on PC Wintel with more powerful brands (commercially speaking) and which certainly they will find the road leveled by Apple that has gone out of its way, even for them.

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