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10 years of communication in 10 minutes (or so)

In this decade I have seen so many things change in communication that I decided to pull together here with you.

This year I spend 34 years and 12 years of professional career in the 12 we put in internships too, because I also work. In this decade I have seen so many things change in communication that I decided to pull together here with you.

by Valentina Falcinelli *

I went through small realities, which with difficulty managed to reach the end of the month, up to giants, who could hardly keep an employee for more than two months. I could say that I saw things that you humans, but avoid boring yourself with stories science fiction … I was born, professionally speaking, when the first blogs were born too. Was Splinder, allepoca. There are sidebars with analogue digital clocks; the blogroll was; They were tags in profusion. They were the years in which, if you opened a blog, you hoped to become the new Pulsatilla. The years in which you put the counter of the visits and checked it with obsessive-compulsive behavior every day, every hour. increases !. The ShinyStat counter was worth more than what the SEO is worth today.

Communication: SEO did not exist

And, speaking of Seo, those were the years in which you wrote to please people, to receive a comment, to end up in someone's favorites. Seo almost did not talk: if you ended up on the front page for a query (as it happened to me for proofreading), you ended it and that's it. You weren't asking yourself why and how; and perhaps you didn't even realize it, to have reached the top of the Olympus. They were years lying down, at the end of the way. The blogger community was like the village square. Indeed, like the village bar. And, among other things, there wasn't even a blogger label.

Social network and Blog

Social networks? They weren't mica. There were some chats, some software. However, these were things that, to companies, were of little or no interest. In reality, even blogs were not interested in companies: companies, to communicate, to make themselves known, to sell used other channels. Feet, big feet, half pages, full pages in newspapers, magazines, free press. Billboards. Radio and television commercials. Flyer, flyers, Vabb pizzini, come on, no, those don't.

Work in the agency

The agency worked on these things here. There was no talk of content marketing; of social media marketing much less. Scripts, voice over, headlines, blueprints were discussed, let me make the claim slimmer and justify bodycopy. It came out, as we go out today, late at night because we had to work for the race. To tie. And if you tried to go out at six-thirty you had to wait for a: Ah, so today you're doing half a day. And this, alas, has not changed.

the Websites

Web sites were made, yes, but they were something unattainable: black backgrounds, body character 8 because it was believed that myopia did not exist, more fake images of the breasts of the soubrette. freak 2.0. Webmasters recommended evil. Things like the hidden text, because they, they had understood the truth of the time: search engines worked by keywords and keyword density. The sites of that time were really ugly and not usable at all. On the other hand, smartphones weren't used much to see sites, maybe smartphones weren't used to view mobile sites because mobile sites couldn't be seen

Increasingly Seo

Slowly the question of the Seo made itself felt. We begin to better understand how Google works and the first web agencies were born. My sweet little dear and beloved Pennamontata was also born, in 2009, with a black background site as the worst web design trends of the time suggested. And with web agencies, web marketing services were born, including article marketing for link building and the inclusion of your site in qualified directories.

And we come to today

Today, if you don't have a mobile friendly site, you are worth less than a used Kleenex. If you are not on the first page on Google you do not exist. If you do not have a job title with at least one word in English you are a loser. If you do not implement win-win strategies you do not know what you are missing. If your Facebook page does not have an exponential engagement rate, better to close everything, disappear for a while, give yourself to fork lifting. Today everything is much less relaxed. Today we need to do digital detox to get better, because push notifications make us live harder.Today I miss a bit yesterday, when I was preparing menab and notifications I didn't give a damn. Today that counter of visits I regret it, because I had nothing to hide, nothing to lose.But today like yesterday: yesterday always better, at least a little better, than today.

* Creative director of the most magenta web agency, Pennamontata, I can write without looking at the keyboard, but I can't look at the keyboard without writing. The copywriting for me bread and creativity is the bread. Sometimes, though, I also eat pizza.Communication Valentina Falcinelli