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Will Beats Music be pre-installed in the next version of iOS?

Some rumors reveal that the app to listen to streaming music should be integrated into iPhones and iPads in March

(Photo: Beats Music)(Photo: Beats Music)

After buying Beats Music, Apple should include it in the next version of iOS. Or at least so they support some rumors coming from the Cupertino company and reported by the New York Times.

Apple's main goal seems to be to offer its customers a less expensive access to the service listening to music in streaming, halving the current monthly cost of Beats (10 dollars). This choice would seem to have been made after observing that the sum so high required by the app is the main reason that drives away a significant slice of users from the purchase of the service.

To do this, it seems that Apple is still in full swing difficult bargaining with record companies for a reduction in the costs of Beats and, consequently, of those of musicians' rights. This only raises further controversy over the over-exploitation of artists in favor of the streaming music market, which is certainly growing, but whose boundaries are still unclear.

According to statements by the Financial Times, if this commercial operation were to go well, Beats will be included in the next version of iOS in early March.


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