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Who tries jeans Gap has iTunes songs as a gift (updated)

The Gap clothing stores (present in the USA especially but also in Canada, Great Britain, Japan and France) are very popular among young people but not only and sometimes the prices are also extremely low.

It is precisely among these customers that Apple knows how to find affectionate users of the iTunes Music Store and, shortly together with Gap, they will launch a tantalizing promotion.

From August 8th 2005 until August 31st, those who enter a Gap store (over 3,000) to try on a pair of jeans will immediately be honored by an "iTunes Music Store Card" voucher that will allow them to download a song from iTunes for free Music Store.

No need to buy trousers (40 dollars), you can also easily enter the dressing rooms with the specific intent of obtaining only the gift voucher then no one will have to purchase. Who knows how many times the fake interest in jeans will be accepted by the clerks in order to grab the iTunes voucher?

Gap's marketing director Jeff Jones said: "the relationship between jeans and music is one of the cornerstones of Gap's identity".

With this opportunity, Gap enriches the range of jeans available with further lines: "Straight" for men and "Curvy", "Straight", "Original" for women.

Later some music artists (Alanis Morissette, Jason Mraz, Joss Stone, John Legend, Liz Phair, Keith Urban, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child and Brandon Boyd of Incubus) will be testimonials in the new Gap advertising campaigns (created by New Yorker Laird + Partners), wearing the San Francisco brand jeans.

A massive advertising campaign is on TV and in the newspapers Us Weekly, People and Entertainment Weekly from 8 to 23 August. During the MTV Video Music Award which will take place on August 28th in Miami, the initiative will be promoted.

From September 1st to 17th, for every purchase of at least 60 dollars, a free CD will be delivered to the cashier in a special edition with eight covers of famous songs sung for the occasion by the Gap testimonials.

Alanis Morisette canter ?Crazy? by Seal wearing Curvy Flair jeans by Gap, Jason Mraz canter ?One Love? by Bob Marley wearing Gap Straight Fit jeans, Joss Stone canter ?God Only Knows? by Beach Boys wearing Original Ultra jeans Low Rise Flare by Gap, John Legend canter "Hello It's Me" by Isley Brothers wearing Gap Straight Fit jeans, Michelle Williams canter "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green wearing Gap Straight Boot Cut jeans, Keith Urban canter "Most People I Know Think I'm Crazy ?by Billy Thorpe wearing Gap's Easy Fit jeans, Brandon Boyd canter? Alison ?by Elvis Costello wearing Gap Boot Fit jeans and finally Michelle Branch canter? Life On Mars ?by David Bowie. The bonus track of. Liz Phair canter "Cheek to Cheek" by Irving Berlin but will not be included on the CD, maybe it will be distributed for free through iTunes, regardless of the Gap jeans test?

Update: Gap has broadcast the advertising campaign on the North American networks, to download the nice advertising in QuickTime format (1.5 MB), access the # 16 videocast of MacTV on iTunes, or in Flash format on the Gap website.