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WhatsApp, on Android the blue double check can be deactivated

After a few days of introduction, Zuckerberg and Koum are already ready to back down: turning off the blue double check will finally be possible even on iOS


Few inventions have caused as much controversy as the infamous blue double check by WhatsApp, introduced almost silently by the coupled Zuckerberg-Koum on November 6th. Because it was not enough to notify us that the message had reached its destination, we also needed to know if and when the recipient had read it, with all due respect to the dear old privacy. Good news for those who have a smartphone Android: with this operating system, in fact, it is already possible to deactivate the double blue check.

They had been talking about it for a few days, but the official confirmation recently arrived from the specialized site The Next Web. Beyond the various tricks to deactivate the double blue check that circulated on the Net already the day after the introduction of the annoying news, WhatsApp provided an official way to get rid of the reading notice. For the moment, it is possible to use it only for Samsung, Sony and all Android devices, but it is probable that soon the giant of instant messaging will extend the possibility to iPhone too.

To deactivate the blue double check, first download version 2.11.444 of WhatsApp, a beta update available on the official website of the application. At this point it will be enough to open the menu Settings, Account, click on the item Privacy is uncheck Read Receipts. However, if you make the change, the read confirmation for group chats will not be disabled, while you will no longer be able to receive those from other users, even if they are active.

Waiting for a reverse even for iOS devices, let's remember that there are tricks to get around the annoying double blue check. Reading the message preview from the screen lock or smartphone notifications, for example, the two check marks remain gray. Alternatively, you can always make a downgrade, or install a previous version of WhatsApp.

Who knows, maybe the CEOs of Facebook and WhatsApp didn't expect such cool reception for their new creature. What is certain that also in the era of social networks, where private information is continually flaunted by the rooftops, the privacy considered a good to protect.


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