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Uber now integrates Spotify to choose which music to listen to in the car

Uber and Spotify start a unique partnership to bring your favorite music to the car


Uber has added a new feature to its mobile app that allows passengers to become the real DJs of their travels. Thanks to integration with Spotify, Uber will soon make music one of its core services.

a partnership one in a kind, according to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. And Spotify the first to benefit from it. The company now owns 50 million users, and to make its service more widespread is aiming to expand the use of its platform in different public places, far from a private audience. And the services in-carare within a strategic framework that has originated from some agreements with Ford and Volvo.

Some screenshots of TechCrunch show how the service works. First of all, you need to answer some questions about the car you are traveling on, such as the predisposition to the cable AUX. Then connecting the pilot's mobile phone to the car, the service will allow you to listen to music directly from the customer's playlists.

Furthermore, it will be possible to display a playlist of all the songs that the passengers have selected during the transit on Uber. The interface allows you to choose between songs and artists, pause a song, skip it or listen to it in the loop as long as you want. At least until it reaches its destination.


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