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TvShow Time: like Netflix, but cheaper and with torrents

diciembre 1, 2019

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TvShow Time an application available on the iOS, Android and web platforms, whose main function is to allow those who use it to organize their own TV series traffic, one of you,TV series addicted has not exclaimed at least once between s and s What episode did I arrive at? giving the possibility to catalog and check the last episodes seen. Not the only existing one, I have tested almost all of them, at least for iOS (including the excellent iTV Shows 3 and TeeVee 3), but the decidedly more complete one and, in addition to being free, the only present for most of the most used platforms ( sorry, no Windows Phone).

The app is very well structured and presents a summary section of our profile in which among other things and things reminds us of how much time we have lost in watching TV evenings and another, Agenda, in which we can see the chronological order of exit of the episodes of the series we are following. To see, the name itself says, lists the episodes that we have yet to look at, including the series that may have already ended. The layout of the various sections is very clear and intuitive and each episode page presents a screenshot, average user rating and comment section, with the possibility of contributing with both text and photos (you will find lots of instant-memes just finished the episode). You will immediately notice how much the TvShow Time community is one of the strengths of the application, even if a large slice of Francophone user (the application was developed in France, but we will get there more in l). What we basically find ourselves in the hands therefore the best application to track our favorite serials. Point.

But what if this application allows us to watch those same episodes that we keep track of? Maybe with subtitles a little where we like and like, even on our favorite gadget? Well it happens that TVShow Time also allows this. And how? you will think; technically, thanks to the integration of, a Turkish startup that has created an excellent service thanks to which a user copypaste of a torrent (and url of various paid hosting sites) on their site, then the torrent itself is downloaded at super speed on their servers and then rebutted to the user in the form of HTML5 streaming or download downloadable on your hard disk. The revolutionary thing, especially for devices that cannot manage a torrent client, such as iPhone and iPad. obviously has a cost: a monthly subscription starting from 9.99 dollars a month (just over 8 euros) and going up if you want more space to occupy on their servers.

Now we come to the bomb: TvShow Time includes this service at a cost of 5.99 euros per month, with the added convenience of being perfectly integrated with the layout of the app / website: in the episode page we will find, once the paid service from this page is activated, a play button from which to start the streaming torrent available, in relative 720p episode.

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