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Transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes

Apple mobile devices such as the iPad or iPhone, especially the latest generation, can be used conveniently to play games, watch movies, surf the Internet, listen to music and read eBooks. But you can also use your iPad to carry out work activities thanks to a wide range of business applications. In this latter context, users can use an iPhone to store their data files as well. Although these devices can be connected to a computer via the USB port, however, the iPhone is not a device designed to function as a flash drive. This means that you won't be able to drag files from your iPhone to your computer (or vice versa) easily. In fact, many are convinced that it is not possible to share and transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes. But this is not really true, we find out why continuing to read.

Who has an Apple device, personally verified some objective limits of the official software of Apple, which does not leave the freedom to the user to perform partial transfer operations of some files without iTunes intervening with a synchronization of data between the connected devices. You don't always want to have the same data on an iPhone and on your computer, or you want to transfer only some data and not others. For those who have tried to perform these procedures, he immediately discovered that these operations are impossible or very difficult.

So, should we give up? Fortunately, there are very effective utilities, developed to simplify the transfer of files between an iPad or iPhone and the computer without iTunes. Lately, out of necessity I have tried some of these programs and I must say that I found it very usefulWinX MediaTrans, a software for Windows that allows transferring files, documents and presentations for the office with a very simple modality between PC and iPhone, even in a bidirectional sense, such as photos, videos, music, ebooks, audio, podcasts. , what are the advantages ofWinX MediaTransand why it can be considered a viable alternative to iTunes.

Transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes: the advantages of WinX MediaTrans

share and transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes

This is not the only software that works as an iTunes alternative, but only WinX MediaTrans uniquely supports music and movie files purchased on iTunes. Easily transfer and manage music files, video files and movies and can also transfer 4K photos to and from your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, a feature that is missing in other software, the possibility of being able to import (audio) iBooks onto the iPhone.

Another important feature when transferring files, automatic conversion of videos, music, ebooks in iPhone and iPad format in case they are not supported by iOS devices. You can convert EPUB to PDF, transfer to the PC videos purchased from iTunes, create ringtones and not least the useful function of using the iPhone as a USB drive on which to transfer any file.

I must say that it was a real fortune to have discovered WinX MediaTrans, because with iTunes these functions are something we dream of. Not only that, we can carry out these procedures with ease and speed, using technology Hardware Acceleration to transfer files to iPhone in an instant.

Let's discover Winin MediaTrans functions

We explore the various aspects of the software by describing the procedures for transferring files between iPhone and PC without iTunes, using the procedures offered by WinX MediaTrans.

Transfer photos

The most unique feature of WinX MediaTrans is its unique function for managing and transferring photos. You will have the possibility to catalog the photos by day, month and year. This function makes it easier for the user to retrieve any image from the gallery to use it or modify it quickly.

From the main menu select Photo Transfer and the section for managing photos opens. From here you can carry out the activities related to the photos, organize them by groups, export them also with encryption, add photos from your computer, delete the photos you don't like.

transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes Photo

In particular, you will be able to transfer photos super fast in just 8 seconds for every 100 4K photos. You can export the photos to your computer to create a backup at any time. Import photos to iPhone in JPG / PNG / GIF / BMP / TIFF format. You can export all the photos in the iPhone camera roll and in third-party apps.

Transfer video

With such a rapid evolution in the quality of the videos, it is difficult to find applications that can easily transfer videos in 4K per computer, providing for their contextual conversion. This is now possible with WinX MediaTrans allowing the transfer of 4K videos to your computer with conversion to MP4 format. To activate these features, select the icon Video Manager.

transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes Video

WinX MediaTrans can automatically convert all videos, including 4K to MP4 in groups. The software manages the size of the video files in order to be able to transfer the videos without compromising the quality. Another interesting feature is the unlocking of iTunes DRM, making the videos compatible and reproducible on other devices like the Android phone, etc. Finally, it allows you to automatically rotate vertical videos or invert them during the import phase to adapt them to the full iOS screen.

Transfer music

Since backing up music files or transferring them to an iOS device via iTunes a bit boring, this obstacle was easily solved by WinX MediaTrans. Now you can easily transfer music files without worrying about iTunes restrictions. To activate this function, click on Music Manager.

transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes Music

With this function you transfer music and organize playlists, creating, modifying, deleting and reconstructing playlists. If a music file is not compatible with iOS, the software takes care of converting the music file into a format accepted by Apple. The function also deals with the removal of iTunes DRM in addition to adding / deleting songs; edit artists and album information.

Manage voice files and ringtones

With WinX MediaTrans you can easily create your iPhone ringtone by cutting out different tones. In addition, it also supports exporting, adding and deleting ringtones, iTunes and Podcasts. To activate it, click on Voice & Ringtone.

transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes Ringtone

You can create ringtones by cropping audio files. Export, add and delete your ringtone, iTunes and Podcast. It also supports exporting your voice memos from iPhone to computer.

Manage iBooks

With WinX MediaTrans, the management of iBooks has become a very simple and immediate operation. Now you can easily transfer ePUBs, PDFs, MP3s and other files from your iOS device to your computer with additional features to convert them. This function is activated by clicking on Book.

transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes eBook

Supports the transfer of ePUB, PDF and MP3 audio books between iPhone or iPad and the computer. You will be able to convert any ePUB book into PDF, TXT, eBook and HTML according to your needs during the export phase. Finally you will be able to bypass the iTunes DRM audiobook block to play it anywhere.

Use iPhone as Flash Drive

a desire for every owner of an iOS device to be able to access his iOS device as if it were a flash unit, easy to manage and to store all types of files. This was made possible by WinX MediaTrans. Now you can access the iOS device memory as if it were a flash unit. To activate this function, select Flash Drive.

transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes Drive

Use your iPhone as a USB drive to access your important files anywhere at any time. It supports all file types including: Word, PDF, Excel files etc. With this feature you won't have to worry about losing any of your files.


Unlike other solutions to transfer files between iPhone and PC without iTunes, WinX MediaTrans is the most reliable solution for Apple products, as it provides functionality for transferring and managing music files, video / video files and 4K photo transfer without iTunes restrictions. It is a great alternative and also free to iTunes and if you found this software useful for managing your iPhone, you can download the version Free Download from this link.