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Thin battery with integrated 2500mAh cable

During the day, in addition to the smartphone I always carry a portable battery with me, which can guarantee me at least an additional charge to be made at the time of need, wherever I am. Between wallets, smartphones, battery and charging cable, I am forced to use a shoulder strap to get everything in, a solution that can be uncomfortable in some situations.

2500mAh thin Litionite battery

Fortunately, the powerbank market is vast and, with a bit of research, you can find the product that is closest to your needs. The company Litionite sells on Amazon one thin battery with a declared amperage of 2500mAh. Intrigued by its size, I decided to try it and in this article I would like to share my thoughts with you.

thin battery

To characterize the ultra-thin Litionite battery it's certainly its small size like a credit card, that is just 6.8mm thick, for a weighing only 65g. Such a form-factor allows the battery to be transported easily, being able to put it not only in the pocket but also inside a wallet. I could not replicate the same result, but it can easily be stowed in the pocket where we usually put the banknotes.

On the front there is an LED indicating the charge status of the powerbank, while on the left side there is a microUSB port for charging the product. On the upper side there is another feature that I found very functional and useful: the company decided to integrate a microUSB cable inside the battery. If necessary, using a specific adapter integrated in the battery and removable when needed, it can become a Lightning cable for iPhone charging. When no longer used, the cable together with the connector can be stored in the power bank via a dedicated housing. This feature allows us to get rid of the charging cable permanently without having to carry it separately.

Ultra-thin Lithiumite battery

To recover this space, the company had to sacrifice the capacity of the battery, which manages to offer, according to the manufacturer, about 2500mAh of power. From the tests I could do, I managed to recharge the battery of an iPhone 6S (which has an amperage of about 1715mAh) by 90% before the powerbank turned off. From this it is assumed that the effective capacity of the ultra-thin Dodocool battery is around 1600mAh. This data should be taken into consideration during the purchase phase and compared with the battery capacity of your smartphone. Certainly this is an emergency battery and could not completely recharge it, but we will be guaranteed a sufficient charge to cover the whole day.

ultra-thin battery


Before buying the ultra-thin Litionite battery we must evaluate the pros and cons and find the right compromise. The advantage of this solution is that you can always carry the external battery with us in your wallet pocket without the hassle, even of the charging cable. On the other hand, capacity does not guarantee a 100% recharge of a latest-generation smartphone, but still allows you to arrive at night without any problem.

For my workflow, this battery can guarantee me everything I need. If you believe that the Ultraslim Powerbank of Litionite can do for you, you can buy it on Amazon at the following link.

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