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The Tinder to look for work

The nspHire app combines Tinder's swipe functionality and LinkedIn's professional features

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

By now we know Tinder, the dating app with more than 9 million active users every day that lets you meet people with a swipe: on the right if you're there, on the left to go over.

The operation so simple, immediate and useful that there is now an undergrowth of similar apps for different purposes: c the Tinder for shoes, for dogs, for clothes, for threesome. In short, you understand.

The swipe function also arrived in the world of recruiting with nspHire (pronounced "inspire"), an app that combines the Tinder mechanism and LinkedIn's professionalism, useful for job seekers but also for those who offer it.

NspHire starts from LinkedIn data creating a simplified profile, where in a few lines career, experiences and capabilities are retraced.

At this point, job seekers can scroll through open positions, swiping to the right if they are interested.At the same time, those looking for candidates can scroll through the profiles and swipe left or right to learn more about users. If candidates and recruiters express mutual interest, then the match is triggered and both are informed of mutual interest with a private message.

What a nett hint of the reciprocal match because one of the main problems of the recruiting world that if you apply for a position you have no idea if your profile is taken into consideration ", says co-founder Rasheen Carbin. "Most recruiters will probably not look at your resume and if you do, you will not be giving them more than 6 seconds.

Hence the idea that it is better to outline, giving at a glance their own presentation, and at the same time having almost real-time notification of a mutual interest between company and candidate.


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