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The Pro Keyboard only works on new Macs.

Check only the TIL # 58652 (AppleCare Tech Info Library) dated July 17 and modified on the 31st of the same month which admits the impossibility to use the four new function keys present on the new Pro Keyboard with Mac USB previous to those presented this summer at MacWorld in New York City.

It was so hidden that even Apple USA telephone support technicians didn't know about it until a few days ago.

The keypad is fully functional except for four function keys (volume up, down, mute and CD / DVD ejection).

Indeed the American page of the Pro Keyboard bears a note: to make these keys work you need a software update that will be available as soon as possible. Too bad we only know now that this update will not come before the beginning of 2001.

The American Apple Store has been updated:

"Important Note # 1: Requires Mac OS 9.0.4 or higher. Important Note # 2: When used with prior generation USB-based Macs, four new keys are not functional: volume up, volume down, mute, and the media eject keys. Support in the Mac OS for these new keys

and so too the Italian one:

"Requires Mac OS 9.0.4 or later and a further update of the system software, which will be available as soon as the Apple Pro keyboard is marketed"

even if unnecessarily optimistic (or should we think that the keyboard will be marketed next year?).

Who ordered it at the American AppleStore and is patiently waiting for this useful item (stand alone or as a logical follow-up of a desktop system previous to the new ones) can rethink it and cancel the order simply by sending an email message to the 'address (email protected) writing CANCEL ORDER, unfortunately we do not yet know if our local Apple Store will implement such an initiative.

In the next few hours, Macity will try to find out if there is also a similar order cancellation procedure for Italians.

Meanwhile, however, some American users (for example one with a PowerMac G4 "Sawtooth" and another with the first version of iMac DV) who already have their Keyboard Pro admit to having placed the order without knowing this problem but fortunately they are not affected by the impossibility of using these four keys.