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The next Explorer.

After the beginnings to be forgotten, MSN (MicroSoft Network) resurrected with vigor in recent times (201 million visitors last June) but it does not lose the ancient vice of monopolizing the web activities of the Windows user (and cutting the legs of the competitors who will have no more history).

Help from other Microsoft "jewels": MSN Internet Access, Hotmail, MSN Messenger, MSNBC News, Windows Media Player, Calendar, MoneyCentral, etc.

This special browser is still in beta (downloadable from next week) but the intent of the final version (ready in late autumn) is immediately clear: monopolize (we already feel the sterile defense "who are we?") The web with a sole management of all activities: MSN MSN (in 33 countries), browser, e-mail, chat, news, audio / video streaming, financial balance, appointment management, online shopping / auctions and more. No matter how inefficient some compartments of MSN Explorer are, but having them all together can look like the panacea to the less savvy user.

An immense data base (or cataloging, if you wish), cookies – we are certain given similar mishaps – including, all in the hands of Microsoft.

The intent is above all to defeat AOL on the internal market.