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The Motorola ROKR in Italy

After the official confirmation of the timing of the distribution of the first mobile phone with iTunes, the Motorola ROKR E1, we now also know how much it will cost us in Italy: cheaper than one might have thought after having been able to reason only so far on the Cingular offer in USA ($ 249 with the signing of a contract for at least two years).

The press office of Motorola has informed us that in Italy, when it will be available for the end of September, the ROKR E1 will cost ? 299 including VAT and without a binding subscription with an Italian 2G carrier.

The sales channels have not yet been revealed for our country, the manufacturer simply reiterates that they will be dealt with by "major retailers".

The outward appearance known to all the readers of MacityNet thanks to the photographs of the London presentation, on the technical aspects we already know a lot but a datum seems new: the ?3D Stereo Sound? stereo speakers on the two sides of the phone are able to reproduce the music with iTunes at a resolution of 22 KHz (when a CD quality of 44.1 KHz).

In ROKR, MPEG-4 movies with h.263 encoding are visible.

There is also the little doubt about the type of GSM / GPRS technology used in the motoROKR since in all the communiqués of Motorola and Cingular it indicates a tri-band (850/1900/1800 MHz) while Steve Jobs showed in San Francisco a slide which indicated the quad-band mode (850/900/1900/1800 MHz). More likely that in the US market the three bands are those already mentioned and in Europe they are instead 900/1900/1800, where 900 and 1800 are those classically used in Europe but compatible with USA and ASIA.