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The iTunes wish list

It is very easy to create the "wish list" in iTunes from version 4.5 onwards, it is not necessary to buy everything immediately.

We update on the question a specific Apple kBase: add a playlist in the left column and call it as you wish, then go to your iTunes Music Store and choose the songs you want to buy, once you hear the 30 seconds preview, just drag the link to the song directly on the playlist.

The action must be repeated for each pleasant song, thus creating a basket that will allow a subsequent replay (only in this case an icon is also shown indicating that the preview lasts 30 seconds, but for unknown reasons not on all the tracks) for a decision the final.

The same system does not work with entire albums or audiobooks.

All this can also happen normally within the "shopping cart" because nothing is bought until the final approval, but those wishing to have greater security can use the indicated method.

Those who have the possibility (thanks to the availability of credit cards from different countries, or alternative purchase methods) can include the songs on sale in all 19 countries where they are currently active iTunes Music Store.

In this case, all situations occur that need to be verified: the "add track" button is not present next to all the selected songs and not because the login was made at a specific Music Store where maybe this song is not present, we have made different logins but everything remains unchanged.

For example, with a login to the Italian Music Store the button next to the US gift "Me plus one" does not show up but is on the side of "I speak of you" for sale in our country; with a login to the British Music Store the button next to the UK gift of "Alcatraz" does not appear but is beside "I speak of you" not for sale in that country; with a login to the US Music Store the button next to the song donated in the United States "Me plus one" remains absent as well as beside "Try (live)" that a version (email protected) regularly sold in the USA, the key c ' alongside the Swedish "Der lser sej" not for sale in that country.

By clicking on the "add track" button while logged into a Music Store where this song is not for sale, you will receive the following negative answer: "this product is not available".

The list below shows how it is possible to choose 19 songs from 19 national iTunes (for Britain and the United States the current free song was chosen but remember that this offer also works in Canada and France as well this week).