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The exams never end

The exams never end

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The market outlook for Apple remains good, but for a real financial success and in terms of percentage penetration, the Cupertino company will have to successfully pass the test of the current fiscal fourth. The judgment is expressed by Individual Investor who does not hesitate to reinforce the concept by defining "critics" the months that arrive until the end of September. "Apple – claims the newspaper – in the running to achieve a record fiscal year, the best from 1992 to today when you post 2.16 dollars per share, but in recent months the title has suffered a bad slip ". Management, says Individual Investor, has blamed the slowdown in iMac sales caused by the wait for new models but many analysts are not so optimistic and believe that on the horizon there may be more substantial difficulties than a simple economic phase. this is the current fiscal quarter – adds Individual Investor – a critic for Apple. The society must defeat the critics and those who believe that the Cube is not able to conquer new markets but only to cannibalize other segments of the same Mac market ". Even more important, though, it could be a machine up until now in the background in the comments of analysts and consumers: the $ 799 iMac. The optimists think that it will be the 350 MHz entry level debut on the market that will boost the Cupertino company's turnover. "There is, like Richard Chu of SG Cowen, who believes that Apple could sell 600,000 iMacs against only 450,000 in the past quarter – says Individual Investor – and this would be due to the critical factor of lowering the price". In any case, he reiterates the online financial magazine, the fourth fiscal in progress remains extremely critical. If the proposals of Apple will be transposed, the list could be launched upwards, otherwise dense clouds will gather over the future horizon.

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