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The European Union against AOL / Time Warner

diciembre 1, 2019

The European Union against AOL / Time Warner –

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The merger of a few months ago between TimeWarner and AmericaOnLine, in addition to the sensation aroused in financial markets, is also starting to worry the European Union, which sees the new giant of communication as a potential monopolist on the market of the old continent. In fact, even in the light of the possible joint venture with EMI, AOL / TW would in fact assume a position of absolute prevalence in the supply of content for the web, putting itself in a position difficult to be altered by European companies, on average all by far smaller and with absolutely inferior economic resources. The Commission in charge of the analysis has compiled a 45-page report which states that the American giant could take a position on the market in the distribution of music, in music software, in dial-up accesses ( …) such that the role of competitors could be seriously damaged. In the US, the unlike situation, the strong concern also overseas, however in a defense document of the American giant, we find a declaration of readiness to grant access to the network of AOL, even to competitors, a possibility that would make everyone's concerns fall considerably connectivity is in fact the first battleground for internet companies, the one through which subscribers are collected, with lots of personal data and purchase preferences. During the next month we should know the outcome of committee meetings and find out if AOL / TimeWarner will be subject to limitations in its activities. Thanks to Matteo Fulgheri for reporting.

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