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The Cube is among us

The Cube between us

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Thanks to the promptness of Zenit's friends, our Cube 450 model arrived at its destination. The really small package, of a size very similar to that of a WallStreet series powerbook, however the weight makes us understand that we are dealing with a "substantial" machine. Inside we find the usual 'complete accessory kit': keyboard, mouse, FireWire cable, accompanying CD and a handy VGA video cable that acts as an extension to hook a monitor, the video connector, in fact, being placed below the machine, it would be inconvenient and probably would force to bend the video cable, with the small extension the problem is solved. Below the kit we find the machine, complete with its external power supply (heavy and certainly not small), and round boxes, very beautiful and clean sounding. The speakers are linked to the small audio unit, to be connected to a USB port, on which we also find another jack for connecting headphones; there is no trace of audio inputs, evidently these will also have to pass via USB. The connections require few moments and the start-up will soon be done, in ten minutes the CD "software restore" is also returned by the Cube. The installation also provides us with iMovie 2.0.1; strangely the default keyboard is set as Italy and not Italy PC, despite the latter being the keyboard provided. As a further installation we find the Altivec acceleration photoshop plug-ins. In the next few days we will publish other articles, a complete test and many photographs of the machine, tonight we will install SimCity 3000 and dedicate ourselves to building planning 🙂

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