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The chatbots explained by the producer and the data on the spread

What are chatbots really for and how common they are? The chatbot producers themselves explain it in a complete report of information and numbers.

THE chatbot they are one of the great innovations in the way we communicate, especially with companies. The most famous are i chatbotFacebook, also because they are the most widespread. But what are chatbots? What are they and above all how widespread?

Nowadays more and more people are using messaging applications. Messaging is also the preferred method of contacting a company, compared to e-mail and telephone. And all these factors have contributed to fueling the recent chatbot boom also in Italy.

All the data on the spread of Chatbots

A Report tells this business starting from those who produce them and giving an overview of the climate and trends in this sector.

What the chatbots are for and how widespread they are

60% of the publishers of chatbot It is gaining thanks to your bots. Premium subscriptions are the most popular income model, in which users pay chatbots to get specific services, such as managing a calendar, for example. And from here derive the revenue of the platform. THE chatbot exist on platforms such as Slack and earn money by providing services for increased productivity and collaboration. Another way to make money conversational trading. Brands create bots and interact with users via Messenger or WeChat to inform customers about offers or to induce purchases, but it is unusual that these bots do not deliver as expected.

Chatbot continues to grow

85% of bot publishers state that their user base is growing monthly. In addition to this more than 50% of users are maintained, always on a monthly scale. Most of them keep their users between 30 and 50% a month. About a third of chatbot users get involved with the use of bots after 30 days. A faster procedure than it was for applications. A great advantage that bots can be built on platforms where users are already existing, so no separate application is required. Platforms like Facebook, Slack and Skype have millions of daily users, so they turn out to be those for which more bots have been created.

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<p>The bot builders who have been operating since the beginning of the development of these tools have made these platforms acquire users. The challenge consists in <strong>keep them</strong> even after the initial euphoria disappeared. It should correspond to the constant improvement of intelligence and conversation skills.</p>
<h2><span class=Always smarter thanks to AI

AI (artificial intelligence) itself a little on the margins of the current chatbot platforms, but is rapidly entering, leads us to undertake unnatural conversations. And despite AI progress, excellent engineers and psychologists are needed to continue improving the bots' conversation experiences.

Skills for building chatbots are missing

82% of bot publishers believe that there is a lack of available resources for the bot skills like the NLP (Natural Process Language) and the Machine Learning. Furthermore, 30% of these feel that these skills are difficult to train. The chatbot industry should be mature within 5 years. At this point, there are expected to be several players for each category, but the big tech giants today. they should dominate. Many acquisitions related to AI can be expected, continuing with the trend we have already experienced.chatbot "width =" 800 "height =" 369 "srcset =" 800w, https: //www.digitalic. it / wp-content / uploads / 2017/04 / chatbot-2-300x138.png 300w, 768w, 610w "sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "/></p>
<h2><span class=Better chatbots than voice assistants

Surprisingly, chatbot publishers they do not believe in voice assistants and do not consider them so important for the future. And it happens in contrast to investments by Amazon, Google and Apple. The bots that should go the most are those based on natural language (45% believe it to be so) while in the voice they believe only 1.5%.

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<h2><span class=The best time to create chatbots

The bots have certainly had a great start and have been supported mainly by platforms with a large user base. Many of them are making profits, but the demand for good resources is also growing. This is the best time for those who aspire to enter this business to come forward.Chatbot what are Italian and market