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The best free PC media player: 5KPlayer

5KPlayer free PC media player

We know well what a media player is, who has never used one to watch a movie or listen to music? Normally we refer to a software on your computer or to an app on your phone to play an audio or video file. We are all aware of the function of aPc media player and we know the most popular ones like VLC, RealPlayer, KM Player, etc., but the multimedia player for PC I want to talk about has different features that redefine what a multimedia player can do.5KPlayer a free media player that plays 4K / HD videos and other files, downloads online video music, reflects and records the phone screen, DLNA shares music and video.

Features of Pc 5KPlayer media player

What makes 5KPlayer special is the fact that it can do more than what you would expect from a media player. In addition to playing 5K / 4K / 1080p video and MP3 AAC APE FLAC audio files, it can also transmit audio and video via AirPlay and DLNA without losing quality. You can also download videos from various online video streaming sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. 5KPlayer does not neglect traditional media such as DVDs and radios. It has a simple interface and from the home you can intuitively choose the function you are looking for. In particular, here are the major features:

1. Supported game sources: video, music, DVD, live (radio)

2. YouTube: supports over 300 free online video sites. It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

3. AirPlay: streaming video music from iPhone iPad to computer or from computer to Apple TV. The AirPlay mirror records the iPad and iPhone screen.

4. DLNA: music and video sharing between Windows PC and DLNA compatible devices such as Android phone, Smart TV, Xbox, PS4, etc.

Let's now discover the 5KPlayer media player in detail.

Many file formats with hardware acceleration

Apart from all the extra features, the main goal of any media player will play audio and video files. 5KPlayer supports MKV, M2TS, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV video formats and audio formats such as MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, FLAC and ALAC. HDR 4K / 8K videos in MP4, H.265 / 264, VP8 / VP9, ??MTS, MKV and FLV are also supported by 5KPlayer on Windows 10.

5KPlayer also supports hardware acceleration with Nvidia, Intel, DXVA 2.0. This translates into better performance as heavy work is performed by a very capable GPU with minimal CPU usage for decoding. It allows 5KPlayer to grind 8K / 4K HDR video without any indecision.

My favorite feature of 5KPlayer is that you can see the preview of the video timeline that sometimes becomes quite useful.

Wireless streaming via AirPlay and DLNA

Since 5KPlayer supports Apple AirPlay, you can play music and videos from your iPad, iPhone, iPod directly on your Windows 10 PC to enjoy content on a bigger screen. You can also use a screen recorder to record gameplay from Apple devices.

With DLNA, you can share MKV, AVC, Webm, 3GP, VP8 / 9, AAC multimedia content from your Android device directly to your PC, as well as DLNA's H.264 / MP4, MP3, AAC media files from your PC to one smart TV, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox, etc.

Supports traditional media like Radio and DVD

5KPlayer in addition to playing any video format residing on the computer, can also play DVDs. However, it is worth noting that to rip a DVD, you will have to pay an extra $ 30 to access this feature.

You can also listen to your favorite radio stations. 5KPlayer already has several preset radio stations to choose from. These include BBC, Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, XFM, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Absolute Radio and Classic Rock. You can also add a custom radio URL.

A tool to download videos

The most unexpected features of 5KPlayer just the possibility of download videos online. And with this feature we're right on top, making the media player truly complete. It can respond to different needs without having to exit the app and open other software like it happens with other media players. Even within this feature the software amazes for its completeness. You can not only download videos from YouTube but also from other online video platforms like Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. You can also download MP3 / AAC / FLAC music from Soundcloud and other music sharing sites.

The intuitive functionality, you just have to simply copy the URL of the video you find on the web and paste it in the top bar and 5KPlayer automatically detects the details of the video. You must then select the desired quality and the game made. You also have an option to download only the audio from the video.


Overall, I'm very impressed with 5KPlayer. a very interesting product that has a wide spectrum of functionality, also considering the fact that you can use all these functions for free. The non-native Windows user interface and the design is not the best, but from a more than justifiable freeware product.

5KPlayer available for free download for both Windows and Mac and you will enjoy a new way of understanding the media player.