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SuperDrive USB CD / DVD style Apple

USB SuperDrive

More and more thin portable computers for this reason the internal CD / DVD players are slowly disappearing. The first manufacturer to eliminate this support was Apple with the first MacBook Air, and to follow, also all the other ultrabooks recently presented on the market. Although the use of CDs is in sharp decline, there are situations in which we can not do without them yet . What to do if you have a computer that does not have this optical drive?

I myself have had the need to install Windows 10 via DVD with BootCamp on my MacBook Air and many times I have not been able to create video CDs containing the filming of an event or of participants for the non availability of a mexternal asteriserCD / DVD. Then I decided to try an external USB SuperDrive compatible with both Windows and Mac.

SuperDrive USB 3.0TechPulse120

I got to try the burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0that you can buy on Amazon for the price of 34.90, it immediately struck me because I found in the support the design of the official SuperDrive from Apple, but if you want to buy it you have to pay about 90.

SuperDrive TechPulse120 USB 3.0: packaging and product

The burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0it is sold in a simple package, containing only the device with attached cable. For its use no external power supplies are needed, as it comes into operation simply by connecting the 25cm long USB cable to the computer. This makes the burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0 highly portable and usable in any size-limited platform, even if you do not have a power outlet. It is equipped with a superspeed USB 3.0 ultra-fast mobile connector, also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 versions.

The upper surface in aluminum. The base instead, has a rubberized rim to guarantee stability and grip when it is placed on a surface while in operation. There is a removable door for CD / DVD extraction.

TechPulse120 USB 3.0

burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0: operation

I tested the burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0with the major operating and computer systems used by users, Windows, OS X and Ubuntu, not encountering any compatibility problem. When connected to the Windows PC, the unit appears among the connected devices in This PC. OS X and Ubuntu instead do not see the reader until a CD / DVD is inserted, with the icon appearing directly on the Desk. For correct operation, it is preferable to insert and eject the CD when the SuperDrive is connected to the PC, avoiding moving the reader to avoid damaging the eSuperDrive.

When reading, the burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0 fully supports both CD and DVD, with a maximum speed of 24X, enough to run a live Ubuntu environment from CD without problems.


In conclusion, I would recommend the burnerTechPulse120 USB 3.0to those who need a CD / DVD burner reader for different operating systems. My basic usage is to run on the MacBook Pro when I need to install Windows via BootCamp and replace a defective CD / DVD drive on a Windows laptop.

If you are looking for a product that works with all operating systems with USB 3.0, then you can buy the burner TechPulse120 USB 3.0 directly on Amazon for the price of 34.90.