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Still no Mactorola

Who waited for the "Seamless Mobility Here", the conference with which Motorola annually takes stock of various products coming and future plans, to finally see the mobile phone appear with iTunes, was disappointed. During the meeting, held yesterday on the outskirts of Chicago, various innovations, new models of mobile phones, technologies ranging from Wi-Fi to WiMAX, live video from television, mobile phone integration, optimization were presented. movies for mobile phones, but not the Mactorola. Really a bad blow for a large part of the public and journalists, in a tremendous expectation and with ears pricked up to hear about it after the same conference, exactly a year ago, had served to present the agreement between Apple and Motorola for the phone.

And that there was great expectation for the phone even the same Motorola knew very well that through the mouth of its CEO Ed Zander dedicated the first part of the conference to the topic, letting know that, yes, the phone will be there, but that would not that was the place n the moment of its launch and that the wait could also still be on average long.

But let's go in order, starting from the beginning, that is, from the moment the lights left on the screen the video ?Don?t Phunk With My Heart? by the Black Eyed Peas. Given that the musical group, to which Motorola has dedicated a special music-oriented phone, has already participated in other Apple presentations (the first of the four images of the succession) the choice bodes well.

After a few seconds, the CEO of Motorola, Ed Zander, took the stage, and with a slightly elegant gesture of the guillotine he gestured to the conference to stop the music, but someone approached him and suggested that he had to do it alone, approaching one of the phones of the "musical family" (the one from which a cable connected to it comes out) that are placed on the table behind him. Pressing a key stops the music and Zander's voice becomes audible. The hope that the one just handled by the Motorola CEO could be the phone with iTunes, immediately collapses: "for Motorola the music is very important – these are Zander's first words – and after consulting with an important company on the west coast, you I can say that tonight we will not announce the Motorola phone with iTunes of which I was talking about a year ago on this stage. We are working on it – the CEO adds, reading the words he says on a ticket – and he will be ready within 66 days when he will be presented in a special event. You will be informed about the news, we do not want to say too much in advance how we will move in this field. Greetings Ed and Steve ?(third image of the sequence). All with the Motorola and iTunes logos behind you, as you see them in the reconstruction on the side.

The manner of the announcement clearly suggests that, as happened in the past when Motorola was ready to show the phone, although not to launch it, it was Steve Jobs who ordered not to make advances, a position in front of which the fin company , used to operating in a world (that of telephony) where products are presented and illustrated even a year in advance, it is a bit uncomfortable.

That the delay is due to problems with the carriers, not enthusiastic about including in their offer a phone that does not allow to download music directly from the network, or from simple software or hardware engineering problems impossible to say. What is certain is that in the next 56 minutes of streaming of the mobile phone with iTunes and Apple is no longer spoken. Motorola instead focused on new models of phone, thin, mirrored, colorful, very hi-tech and more.

Among other products, some attention deserves it, from the point of view of those who were waiting for their mobile phone with iTunes, the ROKR series. These phones had been heralded by some sites as the range that would include Apple's software. The phones, a model of which was previewed during the event, will have dedicated audio playback keys, an interface for the player, long-lasting batteries and ample memory capacity, all functional features for use as MP3 players . But even the shadow of iTunes. It must therefore be assumed that the Mactorola belongs to another class of cell phones and that it is a range in itself.

But if, as mentioned with a colorful expression by Zander, "Jobs did not come up with a surprise cake" brought to the conference stage, a small twist occurred in the final when Steve Ballmer appeared on the screen (the last image of the sequence) that announced (with an audio not particularly good) the partnership that will serve to provide the very thin Moto ?Q? model with multimedia software, as well as one of the first handhelds to mount Windows Mobile 5.

In greeting Ballmer, the CEO of Motorola gave him a shot that unleashed the laughter of the whole room as well as those, with gritted teeth, at Redmond: "we hope that your software arrives without delay, we wait for it".

And while waiting for the phone with Windows Mobile 5, the same thing must be done for the phone with iTunes, postponed to any day from today to 29 (or 30, depending on the time zone) September.