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SAFEMORE space-saving multi-outlet: 11 protected devices

Speaking of technology, we cannot disregard how the various devices are connected to the electricity grid. One possibility is to connect our expensive computer directly to the wall socket, risking that a simple power surge puts it KO. It involves us buying a new one if you don't want to spend important amounts to repair it. The alternative would be to buy a continuity group by spending amounts over 200, or you can think of a cheaper but equally effective solution as a power strip with overload protection. A intelligent space-saving multi-socket power strip allows you to connect different devices and at the same time protect them from overloads or power surges.

I struggled for a while before making a choice for the safety of my electronic products, until I had the chance to try this SAFEMORE space-saving power strip. Not just a simple power strip, but a true smart power strip for protection against overload and power surges. It can protect up to 11 devices simultaneously, as well as two USB ports to use for charging smartphones and tablets.

Going on, let's go into the features of this interesting accessory, which can solve one of the most serious security problems we have with our computers, printers and any other technological product.

Space Saving MultipurposeSAFEMORE

The space-saving multiplexer SAFEMORE is a device primarily for overload protection and only afterwards also a convenient power strip that helps to organize the connection of up to 11 devices to the electric socket, as well as two mobile devices in charge.

The device has a vertical ?space-saving tower? shape with four faces, on each of which there are 3 two-way schuko sockets, while on one of the faces there are also 2 smart USB ports(5V / 2.1A Total) of which one is a high office. The multi-socket also has three switches with LED indicator which separately deactivate the three socket blocks. The cpower supply cable has a length of 2 meters and the multi-socket supports a maximum load of 2500W / 10A.

The 11 German schuko sockets are functional for most desktop computers, displays and printers. Certainly, some Italian outlet would have been preferred. This lack can be remedied by purchasing a simple Italian schuko / socket adapter to also connect some device with this attack.

The two USB ports with a total power of 5V and 2.1V are useful for charging smartphones and tablets, including iPad. In fact they are smart doors, which supply the power needed for the connected device. They are equipped with rautomatic charging speed recognition for PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, etc.

The security

As we have said, the space-saving SAFEMORE power strip pays great attention to safety. Let's start with material, which is completely fireproof (PC V0 and ABS) fireproof, waterproof and resistant to high temperatures. It also has an integrated protection against short circuit, overload and overcurrent. The aspect of certifications is very interesting. The SAFEMORE space-saving power strip has obtained CE and RoHS certificates. Finally, I would like to highlight a peculiarity such as the presence of a fuse which increases the quality and safety of what is connected.

We summarize the technical specifications of the space-saving power strip:

  • Maximum power: 2500W
  • Max current: 10A
  • Voltage: 220V – 250V
  • Color: Black + white
  • Material: PC V0 (UL94) + ABS, PVC copper cable
  • Cable length: 2M
  • In the package you will find1 Multi-socket with 11 Schuko + 2 USB (black + white) and 1
  • User manual in Italian.
  • Warranty: 12 months


I found this SAFEMORE space-saving power strip very effective in terms of space optimization and device safety. On the table, between computers, printers and accessories of all kinds, it takes up little space organizing in the best way over 10 electric cables. Moreover, the possibility of being able to deactivate groups of devices by clicking on a convenient switch at your fingertips very convenient. The only drawback encountered was the need to equip myself with adapters to connect two devices with an Italian plug to the multi-socket. You can buy the SAFEMORE space-saving power strip on Amazon for the price of 35.99 with free shipping. For you can take advantage of 10% discount if at the time of purchase enter the following discount code: MSUD5R7S.