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Review: Lightning Nylon Aukey cables with metal connector

diciembre 1, 2019

lightning cable

When should I buy a new one Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad, for some years now I no longer rely on Apple, but I'm looking for alternatives on online stores The very simple reason: the original Apple cables are very expensive and comparing them to the price, the quality is not the best. Furthermore it must be considered that these cables tend to fray very easily over time. I prefer to buy a less expensive cable with the knowledge that, even if it breaks, I paid less than half of an original cable.

The last cable I had the opportunity to try not only very cheap, but covered with materials that not the usual plastic of ordinary Apple cables, but in nylon. This feature makes it very durable, and after several attempts with other solutions, I think I finally found the perfect cable for my iPhone.

Lightning Nylon Aukey cables with metal connector

pack two lightning cables

The Nylon Lightning cable that I got to try, was made by Aukey. The first feature that stands out when you see this cable is the way it was designed and the materials used in the assembly phase. The entire length of the cable, which is approximately 1m, made with Nylon threads that are woven around the internal electric cables.

The connectors are instead made of metal and differ from the cables we are used to seeing. They are in fact placed at 90 degrees. A solution that I appreciated and that comes back to me very useful in a particular position: when I find myself connecting the phone to the charger and at the same time continuing to use it without the worry that the cable can flex and wear out more easily over time.

The way they were "twisted”Nylon threads make the product highly flexible. The problem of plastic used in cables supplied with smartphones and tablets, which tends to weaken after a number of bends, with the result that, after a few months of use, it gives way discovering the internal threads, which can thus corrode and break. Nylon solves this problem at the root.

This material is obviously much more resistant than plastic and is more resistant to continuous bending of the cable. Furthermore, the way in which it is assembled means that the cable is flexible enough not to create obstacles when using the iPhone or iPad while it is being charged. The company guarantees 6000 cable bends, with an average life much longer than that of normal plastic cables. The presence of the MFi certification, which makes the product perfectly compatible with Apple products (non-MFi certified cables return an error message when connected to Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad).

lightning cable connection

The thickness of the metal casing that covers the Lightning connector, on the other hand, in line with the dimensions of the original cable, which makes Aukey's product compatible with most cases on the market, or with third-party accessories.


Ultimately, i Lightning Nylon cables by Aukey with metal connector it satisfied me in full. Excellent materials and good construction quality, for a product that costs half compared to an original cable sold by Apple, but that manages to guarantee a longer life.

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If you are interested in the product and would like to buy it, you can find it at Amazon, where you can buy it in a double pack (a black and a red cable) in promotion at a price of 16,99. I am sure that once purchased, you too will appreciate the choice made. If you have one, let us know what you think through the comments at the end of the article.

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