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Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EASEUS-Data-Recovery Wizard

You may lose an important file stored on your PC due to damage to the internal disk or because you accidentally deleted it. In these circumstances we are struck by the discomfort because we think that recovering files from damaged or formatted hard drives is a very difficult operation. I give you good news: not so. There are solutions that allow you to carry out this type of operation with ease. Recently I got to try the latest version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, a software available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

EaseUS one of the leading companies in the data recovery sector. The company was founded in 2004 and has 15 years of experience in file recovery and data backup solutions. It can boast more than 100 million users and a series of tools to solve all kinds of data problems.

In this article I would like to talk about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, the software to recover lost, deleted or damaged files from any physical media. As the name suggests, the EaseUS program is completely free if you want to recover files up to a maximum of 2GB. If you need to recover files larger than 2GB, then you should consider purchasing the Pro version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, to recover lost, deleted or damaged files

The graphical interface takes care of the appearance that immediately catches your eye when you use it for the first time EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. This is a detail that should not be underestimated. Familiar graphics and a guided user experience are essential if you want to make all these types of software usable. The value of EaseUS that of having created a simple and intuitive interface, which allows in a few clicks to search for everything you need.

The homepage lists all the internal disks of the PC or the peripherals that have been connected. Those who wish can limit the scan to a specific folder, so as to speed up operations.

EaseUS Data Recovery

At this point you can start the recovery process by clicking on the button Scan. At the end the files that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free was able to recover are shown.


The care of the graphical interface is appreciated even after scanning is completed. in fact it is possible to divide the recovered data based on the type or the creation date. Also present is a preview mode of the documents, so as to have a complete view of the files that will be recovered.

document preview

The disk scan speed varies depending on the media used and the connection between disk and PC. Obviously, the greater the capacity of the disk, the more time the software will take to complete the scan.

In the latest versions of the software, much work was done on recovering the original file name and folder structure as they were stored on the original disk. This is an aspect not to be overlooked as it allows a simpler search of the documents after scanning.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free was able to recover deleted files that I recently deleted or that were present on a newly formatted external hard drive. Obviously, the more time passes between the day of file deletion and scanning through the software, the more data is written to the disk and the fewer are the chances of being able to recover the data that we are interested in saving.

If you recently had the need to have to recover lost, deleted or damaged files from your disk, I suggest you give EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free a chance. You could start by downloading the free version from the official website of the data recovery software. If from the scan you notice that the files you were looking for can be recovered and you need to recover more than 2GB of data, then you can switch to buying a Pro license, which costs 66.69 (in promotion).