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Review: AUKEY Bluetooth Selfie Stick Remote Control and Tripod

Today the sticks for selfies have become widespread all over the world, so much so that there are practically all kinds on the market. Recently, for, I had the opportunity to try a Selfie stick bluetoothAUKEY. Very interesting device and one that differs from all the others, having practically everything that any photo enthusiast would like. After trying it, I want to share my experience with you.

Aukey bluetooth Selfie stick with remote control and tripod included

Aukey bluetooth Selfie stick

When you visit a new location and you find yourself in front of a famous monument or a breathtaking view, the first thing that comes to mind is to immortalize that moment with your camera or smartphone. Some, for example, like myself, are not satisfied with a simple photo, but prefer to take a selfie with the monument or landscape behind them, so as to be part of that memory. Here, in these cases having a Selfie stick with you could be very useful. But which one to choose? The AUKEY bluetooth Selfie Stick I want to talk about, without any doubt one of the best around. Here's what makes it so special.


What makes this AUKEY Bluetooth Selfie Stick so special is undoubtedly the equipment. In fact, there is everything inside the package. Besides the stick and the instruction manual, we also find a mini tripod and a bluetooth remote control (with a battery inside it and a spare one). Obviously, the stick is supplied with the clamp to hook any Smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no connection for the GoPro.

Aukey stick Selfie pack

Materials and design

The really good quality. The body of the stick made entirely of high quality aluminum, capable of supporting a weight of up to 10 kg (which makes it much more resistant than a common plastic stick) and can be extended from 210mm to 781mm. At the head of the stick we find a universal 1/4 ? screw on which any camera can be screwed, or the supplied Clamp, useful to be able to "hook" your smartphone.

At the base of the stick, on the other hand, we find a hole to possibly screw the tripod, which, however, can also be used alone. You can screw the camera or clamp onto it directly. The tripod legs have a soft rubber base, so as to ensure a good "grip" and do not allow you to slip.

Aukey Stick Selfie tripod

Compatibility and functions

This AUKEY bluetooth Selfie stick differs from all the others that are on the market due to its wide compatibility. The universal 1/4 ? screw adapts to any camera equipped with the special attachment (I inserted my xiaomi and it goes perfectly). The adjustable clamp as you prefer, while the detachable tripod ensures good portability.

Selfie Aukey stick

The compatibility of the bluetooth remote control is also wide, working without problems both on Android operating systems and on iOS. The instructions are guaranteed to be compatible even with the most common digital cameras, but I could not associate it with my xiaomi yi 4k. The range of the bluetooth signal is still good, about 10 meters.

I suggest you also read the review of two other Aukey products, a flexible tripod isAction Camera wide-angle guaranteed by the quality of the Aukey company.


Surely this AUKEY Bluetooth Selfie Stick is an excellent solution for those who love Selfies and also want something more. Thanks to the bluetooth remote control and the supplied tripod, it is possible to take pictures from virtually any distance and angle. Moreover, the universal 1/4 ? screw allows to use it not only with the smartphone, but also with any other digital camera machine.

If the AUKEY bluetooth Selfie Stick has convinced you and you want to buy it, you can do it on Amazon through the following link.

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