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Review 5-in-1 USB Type-C Aukey Hub

5 in 1 hub

Apple was one of the first companies to believe in USB Type-C port. In 2015, in fact, it released the MacBook, the first laptop with a single type-C USB port. The potential offered by this port is many, but when Apple put this port on the MacBook, the choice seemed very risky. Today, all the new MacBooks (both from the Air and Pro families) but also the iPad Pro and many competing computers provide one or more USB Type-C ports.

Everyone would have expected that within a few years it would become a standard for many connections but not so. HDMI, VGA, Ethernet cables and ports for SD and microSD are still indispensable and perhaps you will never switch to only C-type cables, even for the different functions they have to perform. For this reason, those who have purchased a computer solely with these types of ports still have to purchase a Hub or a dongle to be installed alongside their PC.

Review USB Type-C Hub by Aukey CB-C72

From 2016 will have tried a dozen adapters to use with the MacBook Pro. After years of testing, I have come to the conclusion, that the best solution to have everything in a single adapter that is as compact as possible. For this reason I decided to test the new one Aukey USB Type-C Hub, which provides an HDMI output, two traditional USB ports and an SD and microSD card reader.

color hub 5-in-1 aukey

With the CB-C72 Aukey Hub has tried to adapt to the same colors as the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. I tried the sidereal gray coloring model, so as to combine it with my MacBook Pro. The product is made of aluminum alloy, which I expect manages to guarantee strength and lightness. To the touch you can feel the difference with the Mac case and also the slightly different color (lighter than the sidereal gray of the Mac). On one of the long sides are the two traditional USB ports and the inputs for SD and microSD. On the short side, instead, there is the HDMI output.

What ports are available

The Aukey 5-in-1 Hub is compatible with MacBooks as well as with all PCs with a USB Type-C port, the new iPad Pro and all Android devices with this port.

The HDMI port can handle 4K streams at 30Hz. These are the maximum performances, reachable only if the device to which the adapter is connected supports this resolution. In any case the door can scale the resolution to ensure a correct view in all circumstances.

aukey hub

As for the two traditional USB ports, they are of the 3.1 Generation 1 type. This means that they manage a band of 5 Gbps separately. From the tests I performed I was able to transfer about 200GB of files from an external Hard Disk (equipped with a USB 3.0 port) to the Mac in 28 minutes. The company does not recommend using the two USB ports regularly to charge smartphones or tablets. The main reason is that the outgoing Hub has 5V and 0.9A, which do not guarantee proper powering of smartphones and tablets that require a lot of power.

The slots for SD and microSD cards, on the other hand, manage a band of 480 Mbps. They cannot be used simultaneously and if two cards are inserted simultaneously (an SD card and a microSD card), priority is given to the first.

hub door construction


One of the strengths of the5-in-1 USB Type-C Aukey Hub its versatility. very light and thin, you can carry it easily and provide all the doors you need. I think the only negative note is the lack of a USB Type-C pass-through port. Who buys this Hub for using with the MacBook equipped with a single port will be able to load the MacBook or use this Hub. Problem not found with other Mac models that have more than one Type-C port.

If you are interested in buying this product, you can find it on Amazon. Expected Prime shipping and if you are not satisfied you can return it within the first 45 days of purchase.