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Record-breaking Nvidia

Record-breaking Nvidia

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118% growth in turnover, four times the return per share, three times profits. This is the impressive set of records that Nividia has shown at the presentation of the results of the fourth fiscal. The producers of the GeForce cards are confirmed, therefore, as the protagonist of the 3D acceleration most in sight of the market. The economic successes, according to industry observers, depend essentially on the strategic choice implemented years ago by Nvidia to produce only chips and not complete cards like its rivals do. This has limited, but only initially, the profits but avoided having to deal with the supply problems of parts that afflict other market players such as 3dfx or ATI but also to be able to concentrate (and find resources) for the production of fast processors . This allowed Nvidia to release two different generations of chips when, for example, 3dfx released one.3dfx for now remains the number one in sales but must watch its back from the attack as behind it the second and third best selling card are precisely based on Nvidia chips. In turn Nvidia is now aiming decisively at the OEM market in which ATI is the leader. The efforts made with Apple and now passed over in silence awaiting future developments are part of this strategy.

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