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OXYLED dimmable LED lamp that protects the eyes

Dimmable lamp

When I was asked to write the review on a table lamp, I immediately had a certain perplexity, because I thought it was in a sense outside of the topics of this blog. However, I accepted the challenge to understand, based on what I was told, how a lamp could center with new technologies. Well, one should not always be prejudiced here I will tell you my experience of using led lamp OXYLED T100 dimmable.

OXYLED dimmable LED lamp

First of all, I have clarified this term, dimmer, which in Italian known as light dimmer, which allows you to check the brightness of the lamp. In our case, it happens through a very comfortable one touch-senstive control panel inserted on the base of the lamp, with six gradations of brightness.

The first reason why it is worth talking about this table lamp, which does not harm the health of the user. This means that, unlike the other lamps, OXYLED T100 emits zero electromagnetic radiation.This gives you peace of mind when you keep it on your children's desk. At the same time, the LED lamp emits a variable light up to a surprising intensity, without glare, ghosting and flicker, and foreseen for at least 10 years of operation.

Due to the excellent lighting characteristics of this lamp, the combination of style and technology must also be considered, which are pleasing to the eye but also to the touch.

Oxyled led lamp

OXYLED T100 LED made with quality materials, this is evident not only in the look, but above all when you come into contact with the touch panel, with a rod covered with rubber material and with the shiny body of the base and the lamp that give a sense of pleasantness to the touch .The design and the available colors (black and red) make the lamp compatible with different styles of furniture, satisfying most users.

Experience of using LED lamp OxyLED

Upon arrival, the OxyLED it presented itself really well, with a well packaged packaging, in an elegant glossy box.

Oxyled lamp pack

Opening the box I found the lamp T100, the warranty card, a power supply and an instruction manual. The dimmable LED lamp was well protected as well as from the combinations of internal boxes, also from an adhesive coating on the body of the lamp easily detachable for protection from scratches.

Upon positioning the lamp on the table, I immediately noticed the flexibility of the auction of the OxyLED T100, which allows easy adjustment, controlling the direction of the light by bending the neck of the lamp forward or backward, or tilting it sideways, remaining stable in the chosen position. The constructive quality of the solid lamp and the base of the lamp correctly balanced to keep the unit immobile in its position.

Dimmable Oxyled lamp

After positioning the lamp on the table and connecting the power supply to the rear of the lamp and to the electric plug, the touch button on the control panel of the LED lamp OxyLED lights up red, visible on the base of the unit. Placing your finger on the central power button, the appliance is switched to on / off. The ring located around the central ignition button consists of six glowing dots. They light up when the lamp is switched on and allows the user to adjust the amount of light attenuation by gently swiping the crown with a finger. The lighting intensity is highlighted by the number of dots that light up: "1" less intense, "6" maximum intensity.

The setting of the lamp to the maximum brightness really too intense, exaggerated for a normal use of the lamp, the adjustment to "3" the right one. The type of light that is released by the LED lamp of a clean and uniform white, total absence of flickering or reflected light in magazines and newspapers even coated, while the color temperature is around 5000K.

Other features of the OXYLED T100 LED lamp

  • This table lamp does not use high frequency switches, but the on / off and light variation signal is transmitted directly to the integrated circuit.
  • The T100 was designed to have no electromagnetic radiation.
  • This lamp has a vast field of light, to cover large spaces of your desk.
  • The lamp has a memory function, which recognizes the last setting of the dimmer used before the lamp has been turned off.
  • This LED lamp has a life span of 10 years. In addition, it also has a 3-year warranty to meet users who may experience problems with the product.
Oxyled lamp features

Of Pro this product has many, but of Versus? Personally I only found two. The first, objective, the lamp even when turned off consumes some power. The other, subjective, I would have preferred the neck a little longer to enlarge the lighting area.

For those who want it, let's see where we can buy the OXYLED T100 LED. It is sold on at the following link.

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