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Nokia Z Launcher arrives on Play Store

The launcher of the future Nokia N1 tablet comes in public and free preview on the Google digital store

(Photo: Nokia)(Photo: Nokia)

A few days after the announcement of the first Nokia branded tablet (at least after the sale of its device division to Microsoft), Z Launcher arrives on the Play Store, the app used by Finns to customize the Android operating system on which the tablet N1. Z Launcher replaces your home screen with an interface based on gestures and your use. But how does it work?

Once installed, the phone welcomes you by offering you a list of apps, contacts and shortcuts for the various functions you use the most. a dynamic list that changes appearance depending on the time of day and moves the most relevant elements up. During office hours, for example, the productivity apps and contacts of your colleagues are highlighted; in the evening, a schedule with night-time appointments is added to the timetable and weather. Plus, writing with your finger on the screen, apply an alphabetic filter to the contents offered by the launcher, and in a couple of swipes you have everything at your fingertips.

The idea behind Z Launcher intelligent and perfect for those who have no problems with minimal interfaces, but the implementation sacrifice flexibilitymade of widgets and folders that for many is the strength of Google. In any case, getting your own idea costs nothing: Z Launcher downloadable from Play Store for free.


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