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New rumors: Motorola with iTunes on August 20th

The Mactorola will be presented at the V Festival held on August 20 and 21 in London. The rumor, circulated in recent days, returns to the surface today relaunched by Albert Lin, an analyst at American Technology Research who talks about it in his report to customers.

At the moment it is unclear whether the indiscretion is the result of a reworking of the article published by the Daily Telegraph which a few days ago had launched the hypothesis or whether it should be taken as confirmation, the result of a re-launch of different sources. To make the perfect match opt for the first hypothesis, with no other details, as reported by the English newspaper, including the rumor that Virgin Mobile, sponsor of the event, the first carrier to offer the telephone in Great Britain.

To provide support for the opposite thesis; more than the "no clues" given by Lin, there are the statements by Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, that the phone with iTunes will be launched by the end of September at an unspecified "musical event". The choice of Europe as a stage for debut would make sense if, as seems likely for some sources, the first phone to support Apple's music will be a GSM, a cellular technology that is not very widespread in the United States but is prevalent in the old continent.

As mentioned in recent days by Macity some doubt arises in the margins of the fact that Virgin Mobile would be the first phone company to distribute the phone. The parent company of the British telephone company (which in England resells T-Mobile's connectivity by rebranding it with its own brand) has its own online music store and favor a competitor, as indeed it would be with the launch of the Mactorola at V Festival, it does not appear to be a particularly far-sighted move.