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MacX MediaTrans, alternative to iTunes – Giveaway

alternative to iTunes file management

In these years, in which the smartphone has become our most personal device and where all our data resides, make a fundamental backup copy regularly. No one wants to find themselves in the situation of losing some sensitive documents due to the breakdown of the device or because we lost the smartphone or it was stolen. Apple has tried to make this operation transparent by implementing automatic backups on iCloud.

If you don't want to pay for a service like iCloud, an alternative is to use iTunes on your PC or Mac. Not the first time I recommend using this software. All its functions make iTunes a software designed and hardly usable. For this reason today I would like to talk to you about MacX MediaTrans, a Mac software as a valid alternative to iTunes. It simplified my life with my iPhone, making it easier to transfer data to a new iPhone and back it up when I had to update the device to the latest version of iOS.

MacX MediaTrans, an alternative to iTunes to manage your iPhone

The first aspect that prompted me to look for an alternative to iTunes in favor of MacX MediaTrans is the slowness in making the most basic operations. Every time you connect your iPhone to your Mac and start iTunes, the automatic synchronization starts, which may take a few minutes, depending on the case. With MacX MediaTrans these times are cut down, as it immediately offers the possibility of working with the functions we need.

The advantages of MacX MediaTrans compared to iTunes

One of the features that I most appreciate about this software is the ability to easily synchronize photos, music and videos between iOS and my Mac. Those who have used iTunes in the past know well that to perform these operations you must first synchronize these contents with the Apple software and then synchronize these data with the iPhone. You can also only transfer them from Mac to iPhone and not vice versa. MacX MediaTrans breaks these limitations and goes further. Not only does it allow you to transfer any type of multimedia file to your iPhone simply by dragging it inside the interface, but it also allows you to pass our photos, videos and music tracks onto your Mac with just a few simple touches.

alternative to iTunes Media file

Furthermore, if you have little free space on your iPhone, you can convert and compress your movies before transferring them. This operation allows you to have movies in the most suitable format to be played on your iPhone without any problems whatsoever and also allows you to recover free space, especially if you have a device with 32GB or 64GB of internal memory.

Another unique feature is the one that turns the iPhone (but also the iPad and iPod Touch) into a portable hard drive. By connecting the device to the Mac, with MacX MediaTrans you can freely transfer all the data you want into a memory partition accessible every time you connect the iPhone to the Mac.

Get MacX MediaTrans for your Mac for free

I think that MacX MediaTrans is one of the best alternatives to iTunes. Unlike Apple's software which is completely free, the cost of a license is 29.95 $. But until October 20, 2018 you can get a free copy.

If you also want to have MacX MediaTrans free for your Mac (Windows version also available), the only thing you need to do is connect to the official website of the promotion and enter your email address. The page also summarizes all the software features.

The best features of MacX MediaTrans

One of the things I appreciate most about MacX MediaTrans is the possibility of being able to manage all the multimedia files in a simple and unconstrained way. For example, two-way photo transfer. This means that you can move photos from iPhone to Mac and vice versa, without having to create new albums like iTunes. All photos transferred to iPhone are imported directly into the camera roll. Furthermore, to maintain compatibility with all devices on the market, photos taken with the latest iPhones (which use Apple's proprietary HEIC format) are converted to the most common JPG format.

alternative to iTunes Photo

All videos can be managed with the same simplicity. In this case, there are two interesting functions: automatic conversion of movies into a format compatible with iPhone (so as to be able to take advantage of the hardware acceleration of the devices so as to have a fluid viewing experience) and, if desired, file compression , which allows you to reduce a movie in 4K by 50%.

If you were a lover of ringtones, MacX MediaTrans not only allows you to import them into the iPhone, but also to create new ones from a music file. A very convenient function that has come in handy on several occasions. Have you ever tried to do this with iTunes?

alternative to iTunes Ringtones

Finally I would like to point out the possibility of transforming the iPhone into a portable hard disk. MacX MediaTrans gives you the option of transferring any type of document (Word, Excel, PDF and many others) that can be viewed every time you connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac. A useful function in cases where you do not have at hand an external drive.


MacX MediaTrans is an excellent alternative to iTunes for all Mac owners. It allows simplified management of all multimedia files, providing many features not present in Apple's software. If you want more information or you want to try MacX MediaTrans, I suggest you visit the official developer website.