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Macity changes connectivity

Macity changes connectivity

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The choice to turn to the Perugian provider was not dictated by geographical reasons, but the result of careful research in the panorama of offers in circulation: the Flat rates of Edi & Sons have low costs compared to the competition by offering an excellent service, with the possibility of connecting via 56k modem, via GSM phone and via ISDN, all for 49,000 lire per month including VAT. The particularly interesting modem / user ratio being 1: 5 and guaranteeing the line practically always free, moreover the possibility to connect using the GSM mobile phone there puts you in a position to work in any condition.When we dedicate more time to a thorough test of connectivity, for the moment we can say that, for those of us who have used the connectivity of the company in Perugia in recent years, find the line occupied absolutely unlikely eventuality, as well as the speed of navigation more than good even in times and periods Critical, recent connectivity improvements (up to 22 Mbps), with more bandwidth providers, should only improve an already excellent service.

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