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Koogeek Smart Socket compatible with Apple, Amazon and Google

Koogeek smart socket

There smart grip by Koogeek the easiest way to get started with the smart home: it connects to any wall socket and converts it into a HomeKit controllable from your phone. Fully compatible with HomeKit, the hardware and the app allow programming, use in Scenes, control with Siri and control from outside the home when used in combination with a HomeKit hub. With this accessory we can turn on and off any device connected to it. You can check the lamps, the computer and any electrical device that can be connected to a wall socket.

Koogeek Smart Plug

There Smart Koogeek socket provided with an app to download for free on any phone, but on iPhone it can also work only with Homekit. The advantage of the Koogeek app is the ability to monitor the energy consumption in real time, daily and monthly of the devices connected to the socket.

Its dimensions are not too large, but they can also clutter the space of adjacent outlets if there are any. The German type plug must be inserted into a socket with this connection, or by using a common adapter.

Coupling and configuration process

The Koogeek intelligent socket compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa is Google Assistant and as we said, to make it work you can use both the downloadable Koogeek app for iOS and Android and the app Home pre-installed on iPhone. We will see both solutions and choose the one that seems best suited to your needs.

The process of pairing the socket on iPhone very simple and you can immediately start using it, just follow these steps that you will find below.

Insert the smart plug Koogeek in a wall socket and insert the plug, in my case, of the lamp near the TV. You will see the green light of the socket flash, it means that it is ready to be detected.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network. In my case, I had to deactivate the 5 GHz network otherwise the socket was not detected. After pairing you can go back to connecting to the 5 GHz network again. You can change the network type directly from the modem by entering the configuration page.

smart socket connection

Management of the smart socket with the Apple Home app

Open the app Home on your iPhone, preinstalled by Apple on iDevices, developed for the management of compatible smart devices.

Now we will see the procedure to add the smart socket to the app Apple home, and to do this click the first time on "Add accessory?You see on the home screen. To add more accessories later you need to click on the "+" top right. When the next screen appears, look for the identification code that you find on the socket or on the box to add the product.

add accessory Home

After identifying the code, assign it to the app camera and immediately the socket is detected and associated. You can also enter the code manually.

smart accessory connection

The socket is given a default name, but you can change it to a name that refers to the connected accessory. You can also locate the room where the lamp is located. In my case I gave the name "TV lamp"Which is in the"Living room". The pairing procedure ends here. Now you can start using your iPhone to turn the lamp on and off using two methods. The first, by clicking on the socket icon found on the app's Home page Home. "S"Means that turned on, clicking again turns it off and appears"No".

Switch accessory with Home

The second method to manage the smart socket is to use "Siri" on the iPhone. With a voice command you can switch the lamp on and off. Click and hold on the Home button of your iPhone and activate Siri, when it appears "How can I help you?"Give the voice command"Turn on the TV lamp?And the lamp lights up. When you have to turn it off, with the same procedure you say "Turn off TV lamp"And the lamp goes out.

switch accessory with Siri

From now on, as soon as you enter the house, you can turn on the lamp without looking for the switch, or when you go to bed, you can turn off the lamp with a voice command.

Smart socket management with Koogeek Home

The other method to manage the smart socket is the free app Koogeek Home which you can download for iPhone or Android, with the advantage of also controlling the consumption of the accessory connected to the socket. You can also create scenes like in the app Home with free combinations that you will choose through the app. To use the Koogeek Home app you can create an account and register, or enter the app without registering.

After opening the app, follow the steps already seen with the app to make the pairing Apple home. The similar procedure.

switch accessory with Koogeek home

You can set custom scenes to control multiple devices with one command. For example, when you assign to the scene "I'm going to bed"The command to turn off the bedroom light and turn on the fan you can also use it with Siri.

create scenes with Koogeek home

The functions provided by the Koogeek smart socket are different, like that of remote control. After you have configured the device with the Google Assistant or Alexa, you can remotely control and monitor connected devices using iOS and Android devices even when you are away from home.

The smart Koogeek socket can be the beginning of your smart home, slowly adding even more smart objects. This outlet can be purchased on Amazon at the following link: