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Koogeek door and window sensors: excellent low-cost HomeKit options

Koogeek door and window sensors

Koogeek one of the most interesting HomeKit accessory manufacturers, with a series of relatively low-cost products that can help users expand their Apple-focused smart home ecosystem. Among the other Koogeek products I got to try i door and window sensors DW1, a simple magnetic contact sensor to check if a door or window is open or closed and to make it perform actions.

Koogeek door and window sensors

Door and window sensor packaging

We have analyzed similar sensors, but Koogeek sells autonomous sensors that through HomeKit's support can send you notifications when there is a change in status of the monitored door or window. You can also check its status at any time via Siri, the Home app or the Koogeek app.

In addition to simple status checks and updates, HomeKit support allows you to integrate the Koogeek door and window sensor with other HomeKit products in the form of scenes and automations. For example, through the sensor I activated the lighting of a light when the entrance door is opened, simply to illuminate the room when you enter the dark. Or, you can put them in a walk-in closet and switch on a LED strip when you open the door, without having to use a power switch.

door sensor detected

How to install Koogeek sensors

The installation of Koogeek door and window sensors is very simple using the Koogeek app to manage the coupling. By pulling the battery protection tab, you will see the sensor that lights up, allowing it to be automatically detected by the app via Bluetooth. Once you have scanned the HomeKit code you find on the package or entered manually, it will take a minute to fully activate it. Then you will be able to give it a name to the sensor (front door or bed window) and a location in the room.

Koogeek sensor activation

Attach the sensor and magnet to the door or window and you're good to go. The two pieces must be at a maximum distance of 2 cm from each other to allow recording the closed / open status. Koogeek recommends mounting the smaller part on the part of the door or moving window while the larger sensor on the fixed frame. The attack takes place through an adhesive included in the rear part of the sensors, while an extra set of stickers included in the package in case the initial set becomes worn or if you decide to change position.

installation of door and window sensors

Once installed and running, you can use Siri, the Home app or the Koogeek app at any time to check the status of the door or window, and you can configure notifications and see the battery level in the Home app.

The Koogeek app displays the battery level and information such as open / closed status and room location in the same way. It also has a "Log log"Which shows a history of the last 100 door opening and closing events, to check if any stranger has opened the door you want to check. But the rudimentary date and time formatting and events are displayed as states "on" is "Off"Not very intuitive rather than" Open "" and "Closed".

koogeek data register


The DW1 door and window sensor uses a replaceable CR2450 button battery and each should last up to two years. The DW1 currently available on Amazon and includes the two parts of the sensor and the magnet, an additional set of stickers and a SIM removal pin to access a reset button on the sensor. Koogeek DW1 could be a good option for those wishing to integrate this type of sensor into their HomeKit configurations.

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