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iSkysoft Data Recovery: how to recover damaged or lost files

Data protection on the computer is a precaution that should not be underestimated; especially for those who use a pc for work. essential to have a daily, weekly and monthly backup strategy to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a system crash. The greatest attention, however, is to have it in differentiating the data saving sources, to avoid not having another chance in therecover damaged files or lost.

For example, we could use an external hard drive to store personal documents and photos, save the same data on a cloud service and use a second hard disk to make a complete computer backup. This strategy allows us to recover the files both in the case in which one of the two hard disks breaks and in the event that the Cloud Storage service should corrupt the users' data due to a bug (remote hypothesis).

How will you behave in the event that the data on a hard disk or on a computer is damaged and a backup has not been previously performed? In this case, data recovery software will help us analyze the offending disk. The applications will look for deleted or no longer accessible files, probably because the disk has a corrupted partition, and will try to recover them.

There are several solutions to recover damaged files, but they are certainly among the bestiSkysoft Data Recovery, a data management and recovery software available for Windows and Mac. The software was recently updated with a simpler and more intuitive graphic. If you are trying to recover present on a hard disk or on your computer, I suggest you download the free trial on the official website.

iSkysoft Data Recovery: how to recover damaged or lost files

So much power in a simple interface

The first thing you think of when you have to use such software that is difficult to use. Indeed it is not easy to make the operation of these programs intuitive to people who are not experts in the sector. iSkysoft wanted to focus a lot on the user experience, creating a clear graphical interface to use, which allows you to recover your data faster.

recover damaged files

The first screen divided into eight quadrants, each of which allows you to start a different data recovery procedure. In particular, iSkysoft Data Recovery offers the user a simple interface for the following cases:

  • recovers files that have been deleted.
  • retrieve documents in the trash.
  • starts a recovery phase of the data present on a formatted disk.
  • recovers a lost partition of the disk.
  • scans an external drive connected to the PC.
  • recover documents after the computer is attacked by a virus.
  • recovers data following a system crash.

You can either start a scan for every single item listed, or start a scan phase that iSkysoft define in the round, which allows you to group all the procedures in a single step. Of course, this last mode takes more time, but the algorithm implemented in the latest version of the software allows reducing waiting times even in the case of long scans.

If your PC's Windows operating system becomes corrupted and you can't start it, the iSkysoft software allows you to manage this situation as well. Using WinPE can create a bootable version of Data Recovery, able to proceed with data recovery thanks to the environment WinPE.

How to preview documents before data recovery

iSkysoft Data Recovery allows you to recover only data on disks with supported file systems. Specifically compatible with FAT32, FAT16, NTFS and exFAT. The speed of scanning documents varies depending on several factors: external disks of several terabytes take longer than the internal computer disk of a few hundred gigabytes.

recover damaged files 1

After you have chosen the data recovery mode in the Software home, the procedure must be started. Once finished, you can preview the found documents. In this way the user can decide whether to recover only some documents or the entire contents of the search. The type of files compatible with the preview mode are: images, video, audio and e-mail.

recover damaged files 2

One of the latest in the latest version of iSkysoft Data Recovery full compatibility with all Microsoft Office documents. therefore it is possible to preview Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. After selecting the files to be recovered, you can choose the destination folder to store them.


iSkysoft Data Recovery turns out to be an excellent solution to recover documents that have been deleted, corrupted or found in a damaged disk partition. The company guarantees a success rate in document recovery of 96%.

If you need to recover documents and you don't have a backup copy, I suggest you try the free trial that allows you to scan the disk. Should the Software find the files you are looking for, then you can purchase the full version to complete the restore. You can find more information in the user guide of iSkysoft Data Recovery.