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Instagram Direct: start the temporary photos and videos via chat

With Instagram Direct, temporary messages will appear directly in the chat and disappear as soon as the photo or video is viewed

Until now, permanent and temporary messages appeared in two separate points within Instagram Direct: temporary ones at the top of the screen, while permanent ones at the bottom. Now instead, temporary messages will begin to appear directly in chat rooms and they will disappear as soon as the photo or video will be seen, but a note will remain to remind you that something has been shared. The intention is to make it easier for people to talk, even if a conversation can include some temporary messages.Instagram has added temporary messages already in November, so this is not an expected change, yet it suggests that the more traditional style of messaging is working best among users. However, it seems that Instagram Stories – as well as temporary messages – are encouraging more and more people to use the platform as well as messaging service. Instagram has indicated that the Direct service has more than 375 million monthly users, an increase compared to 300 million last November and 250 million in August, in correspondence with the official launch of Stories. Instagram considers both photos and videos as primary communication drivers and, based on this premise, is making new changes to the Instagram Direct interface: the New Message button at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with a big blue button Camera.It would seem that Facebook's battle with Snapchat is bearing fruit. The Snap group social network, in fact, is cloning one by one all the best features of Facebook and Instagram. Good news for short-term growth, but in the long run, could mean an increasingly empty network due to the temporary nature of content – which would make monetization increasingly difficult.