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How to unlock forgotten Android PIN

You may forget the password to access your smartphone's screen, in which case you will be asked what to do to use your device again. Don't worry, because in this article we'll see how unlock Android PIN forgotten on your device, using a custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery. We can forget the PIN or the combination of keys set for unlock the screenof our phone. Forgetting the PIN can have serious consequences, leaving the smartphone locked or losing all data and the possible solutions could be to use an e-mail ID or perform a factory reset. Both of these options are not always the best solutions. You will not be able to resolve with an e-mail ID or with the factory reset of the device, which actually has the consequence of deleting all the data on the smartphone. You may be wondering if there is a simpler solution that can keep your data safe and unlock your phone.

A XDA forum user came across a solution for unlock your Android smartphone. As we will see, this is a very easy procedure, just modify some lock-screen security files of the phone using a customized recovery, and you will unlock the phone in a flash while preserving your data. You can activate this solution for bypass the look screen password even without having root permissions on the phone, without returning it to the factory conditions and without going through complicated procedures. The only condition is that a custom recovery should be installed on the phone like TWRP Recovery. Let's see then howunlock the phone look screenAndroid in case you haveforgotten PIN or password.

How to unlock Android PIN to bypass look screen

  • Download and install TWRP Recovery on your Android smartphone.
  • Now open the phone in TWRP Recovery. To do this the methods vary for each smartphone. The most common methods to start the device in TWRP Recovery is to press the keys Volume up + Volume down + power button or the key combination Volume up + Home key + power button.
  • When the phone in TWRP Recovery, click onAdvanced> File Manager.
  • In File Manager, in the folder / data / system folder.
  • Now find the following files in/ system folder, thereyou will select and then delete them.
  1. password.key
  2. pattern.key
  3. locksettings.db
  4. locksettings.db-shm
  5. locksettings.db-wal

unlock Android PIN

  • Now restart the phone. Do not install SuperSU if you are asked to install it.
  • As the phone boot process continues, the lock screen has been swept away.

This all, now you can easily access the data and apps of your smartphone. At this point you will again reset your password to protect your Android smartphone.

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