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How to save Google Maps offline on iPhone

diciembre 1, 2019

When I travel with my iPhone, one of the favorite features in case it doesn't take up data network, the ability to save Google Maps offline on iPhone. If you want to get a map regardless of receiving data on your mobile phone or when traveling abroad and you don't have a data connection, Google Maps is the best app useful for the purpose, and also absolutely free.

We do not always have the availability of a data or wi-fi network, so today we are talking about how it is possible to save Google Maps offline on iPhone to browse, find a particular place or have the itinerary for a location. We generally think that in order to use Google Maps on your mobile you necessarily need a WiFi connection or a mobile data connection. Not really so, there are methods to use Google Maps offline and to arrive at your destination whenever we are in a place where there is no mobile data network or Wi-Fi network reception. In this guide we see how to save Google Maps offline on the iPhone.

How to save Google Maps offline on iPhone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a data or wi-fi network, launch the Google Maps app and search for the desired position in the box above. Click on the button Menu top left indicated with the icon of three horizontal lines. If you still don't have one, you can download Google Maps from the App Store.

save Google Maps offline on iPhone 1Step2:From the Menuche appears, choose the sectionOffline areas.

save Google Maps offline on iPhone 2

Step 3: Now you have to download the offline area. You can choose between Local area to download the map of the place where you are, or Custom area to download the area you have chosen in the search area. I clicked on Custom Area.

save Google Maps offline on iPhone 3

Step4: Zoom in to the area you want to save. (you can zoom in based on the amount of storage you have on your iPhone).

save Google Maps offline on iPhone 4

Step 5:Click on Download. Click now on the popup menu at the top right, and from your area a unique name. Click on Save.

save Google Maps offline on iPhone 5

Step 6: Once the map is saved, you can exit the App. When you need to use the newly saved offline map, just go to Offline areas and click on the map you need.

Google Maps allows you to keep maps offline for 30 days. After that, they will be automatically deleted to save storage space on your iPhone. If you travel to the same place again, I will have to unload it if 30 days have passed. It is also a good reason to update the areas regularly and as often as possible. To update, simply tap the area you saved and tap the button Refresh. The selected area will be updated to include all changes since the last download.

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