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How to repair iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

repair iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

One of the best aspects for iPhone owners is that they never leave you. Not in the sense that it never runs out of battery, because it happens often. What I mean is that you don't have to face software problems. For example, an iPhone that hangs at startup, in recovery mode or that simply hangs on the Apple Logo when the phone restarts. However, since the launch of iOS 11, for iOS things have not gone so well, in fact, subsequent versions have highlighted numerous bugs. Even though I know I can easily fix them by going into an Apple Store, I don't want to go into assistance whenever my iPhone starts to give me problems, which is happening very often lately. If you also have the same problems, then you will certainly appreciate the content of this article that will allow you to repair iPhone and iPad with just a few clicks.

The software I want to talk to you about is called Tenorshare ReiBoot, and one of the best third-party iOS tools I used to solve problems on the iPhone.

Key Features of Tenorshare ReiBoot

We will start our review of Tenorshare ReiBoot by checking all the features in this software. But let's immediately say that it can solve the most burning issues that can emerge on an iOS device, such as the black screen, white screen, locked screen, lock on the Apple logo and many other aspects that are as scary to reset the iPhone to factory settings without iTunes and Access Code.

One click to enter and exit the recovery mode

One of the best features of ReiBoot that allows you to easily enter and exit the recovery mode, simply by clicking on a button "Enter recovery mode". All you need to do is start ReiBoot on your Mac or PC and connect your iPhone with a cable. As soon as you connect your iPhone, you will see an option to put your phone in recovery mode. Click on it and the phone will start up in recovery mode.

enters Reiboot recovery mode

Click on "Exit recovery mode?To exit this mode. so easy.

Solve all iOS system problems

The most interesting aspect of this app is that it gives you the appropriate options for every type of problem, allowing the software to quickly deduce the problem and solve it. To resolve issues related to the iOS system block, click on the "Solves all iOS problems"And you will see an interface like below, if your iOS device is not working properly click"Repair begins?To proceed.

ReiBoot repair begins

Note: If your iPhone or iPad cannot be detected, ReiBoot will guide you to put your device in recovery mode before detecting it.

By default, ReiBoot uses the standard system recovery mode, this recovery mode will not cause data loss and is therefore recommended. However, if you can't fix the iOS system in standard mode, you can choose "Deep repair?That you find at the bottom of the screen. This advanced repair mode can more deeply repair the system, but will erase all data in the device.

Before repairing iPhone download the firmware

So before the repair, ReiBoot will allow you to download the firmware. You can click on "Navigate?To set the path to save the firmware. Then click "Download?To start downloading the iOS 12 firmware package.

save the ReiBoot firmware

If it was not possible to download the firmware package, click on "Copy?To download it via the browser. If you have already downloaded the firmware package on your computer, simply click on "To select?To manually import the firmware.

download the ReiBoot firmware

Now you can start repairing the iPhone

Once you have downloaded the firmware package to your computer, you can click "Repair now?To start system recovery.

After clicking on the button, the system repair process will start. As you can see in the next image, within 10 minutes your iPhone will return as new. At this stage, be careful not to use it because it could be risky.

repair in progress ReiBoot

Once the repair process is complete, your iOS device will start up normally. Any system problems will be repaired.

repair completed with ReiBoot

ReiBoot really the Apple Service Center replacement. I was able to personally find the facility with which I was able to solve the system problems on my iPhone. Especially if your device is no longer under warranty, it will save you a lot of money.


Tenorshare Reiboot a paid application to repair iPhone, also available for iPhone free version to download on its website and works on both platforms Windows is MacOS. The free version has some restrictions but if you want to enjoy the full functionality of this software, you can buy the Pro version that will cost you $ 29.95. The price may seem a little excessive at first sight, however, when you take into consideration the number of trips you will have to make at an Apple Store and any repair costs, its price will seem rather justifiable.

You can initially download the free version that can still solve various problems on your iPhone and then, if you are satisfied, switch to the Pro version.